Bar tape comes in a huge variety of colors, patterns and thicknesses. And it’s one of the best ways to personalize your bike and make it your own. Upstart cycling brand, Marque Cycling, makes a variety of ¬†accessories, from saddles to mini-pumps and I’ve been riding their Marque Diamond bar tape this spring. How does it stack up?

Marque Diamond Bar Tape Features:

  • Extremely durable 3-layer tape with a superior hand feel
  • Super anti-slip texture and durable construction
  • Additional shockproof pad beneath microfiber tape
  • Vex gel provides easier wrapping to bars without leaving anything behind
  • 210cm long / 3cm wide
  • Thickness: 2.5mm
  • MSRP: $23.99
Marque Diamond Bar Tape Review

The diamond pattern provides excellent grip.

Thick, cushy bar tape

As more and more riders are venturing onto the unbeaten path, bar tape thickness is again a consideration. If you’re on a budget, some thicker tape can turn those alloy bars into wrist-friendly companions. While thinner tape can improve road feel. Marque went on the cushy end of the spectrum with their Diamond Bar Tape. With a measured thickness of 2.5mm, this stuff is thick and cushy.

Installation is pretty straightforward, but it is thick, so finishing it off with something like the Marque Alloy Enz is recommended. As I wrapped the Schmolke Evo TLO 44cm bars, I noticed that I was going to run out of tape. My initial overlap was too generous, so I unwrapped that side — maintaining about 1/4″ overlap to get full coverage. Part of that was due to the fact that I had to cut my own 2″ shifter gap piece to cover everything.

Marque Vex Gel

The generous band of Vex gel keeps the tape in place and leaves no residue.

Once in place, the Marque Diamond Bar Tape has stayed put (thanks to the bead of Vex gel). That same gel is also forgiving should you need to re-wrap (see above). This is thick stuff, so contouring around the hoods and such does take some body english. Be patient… it’s worth it.

On the bike, I’ve been pleased with the grip of the diamond shapes both with and without gloves. The added shock absorption has been both nice and a little nuanced. I like a little more road feel and typically opt for thinner bar tape (~1.8mm). That said, this tape offers tons of comfort and is extremely-grippy. Throwing the bike around, I never wanted more grip — side-to-side movements and fast descents are always confident.

Schmolke Evo TLR Bars / Marque Diamond Bar Tape

“Hey, love the pink tape!” ~someone on every ride

I’ve also loved the bright pink colors and there are other bright colors available as well. Keep in mind that neon colors may discolor a little in the sun. Also as an update, Marque now sells this in 210cm length to accommodate the hood covers and/or wider bars.

The Good

  • Super-grippy
  • Extra cushion
  • Love the pink color
  • Economical

The Bad

  • So thick, it’s hard to stretch around hoods and finish off
  • Pink was discolored on the edges
  • You have to cut your own hood gap section

The Bottom Line: Marque Diamond Bar Tape

If cushy and grippy is your thing, the Marque Diamond Bar Tape is both economical and functional. With a generous band of Vex gel, it will stay put and provide an extra helping of shock absorption. I’m digging the pink color and have a second set in celeste blue.

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