The Rudy Project Windmax helmet is a proven design that’s been worn by none other than Peter Sagan during three years of his four-year span of consecutive Tour de France green jerseys. It’s light and well-built and now comes in bright colors for added visibility.

Rudy Project Windmax Fluo Helmet Features:

  • Removable bug stop mesh or standard pads
  • Includes carrying bag
  • RSR8 retention system
  • 21 large vents
  • Includes two removable visors
  • Weight: 250 grams S/M, 270 grams L
  • MSRP: $325
Love how bright the Windmax Fluo is.

Love how bright the Windmax Fluo is.

Venerable Windmax goes high-vis

Rudy Project has quite the name in eyewear for cycling and triathlon, so it’s no wonder they also have a strong helmet program. As I’ve found over the years, the helmet/sunglass interface can sometimes be challenging. Many mountain bike helmets feature extra protection in the back or straps/buckles that interfere with sunglasses. But, when you make both sunglasses and helmets, you can ensure that they both work in concert.

As such, I’ve been using the Windmax Pro helmet exclusively with their Tralyx sunglasses (but glasses from other brands also seem to work just fine) and the duo is superb. The Windmax is Rudy’s top-shelf road lid, but aims to be flexible enough for MTB duty as well. To easily switch personalities, two snap-on visors are included. One is typical-sized for MTB duty and the other is aimed at road use — claiming a slight aero advantage. Having a visor of any sort on the road is a bit of a detriment since it blocks visibility, so you’re on your own, but I didn’t feel it was worth the hassle and loss of vision.

Sunglasses stay put upside-down on top.

Sunglasses stay put upside-down on top.

The fit of the small/medium-sized helmet is a little small. I’m a 57cm noggin and with the included bug-stopping mesh pads, the Windmax was a borderline fit — a little snug, but workable. Luckily, the regular pads (though tedious to change) are more streamlined and gave me the perfect fit. I will say that I do shave my noggin, so if you do have thick hair, you might need to upsize.

This helmet does sit a little higher than other helmets I’ve got. That higher perch does make for excellent sunglass clearance and aids in ventilation. Dialing in the fit is a ubiquitous affair with a ratchet dial in the rear. It does the job just as well as others on the market for a proper, jiggle-free fit.

The Windmax is great in MTB mode with the snap-on visor.

The Windmax is great in MTB mode with the snap-on visor.

As far as cycling helmets and apparel go, I’m all for high-visibility. Anything I can get to be more visible is fair game and the Yellow Fluo color is plenty bright on the road and does also include reflective material in the rear for extra low-light visibility.

The thin and light straps are comfortable next-to-skin and don’t seem to absorb too much sweat. On an Africa-hot century, ride I’m sure they will, but so far they are resisting the “salt lick syndrome.” The buckle closure is manipulated easily and the strap does also feature a wicking pad that frankly gets in the way more than it helps. Pitching it is easy and I prefer not having to deal with an extra bit of pad moving around the strap.

Because it's essential that your helmet match your jacket.

Because it’s essential that your helmet match your jacket.

With a massive set of 21 vents, the Windmax certainly breathes well and rides quietly — suggesting an optimized aero profile. As the weather heats up, those vents come into play and keep things cool.

Overall construction quality is top-notch with the use of Fybratek and In Mold technology. This combination reinforces the joining of the outer shell with the inner mold for a strong, unified system. Missing here is the addition of MIPS — something you’d expect at this price point.

I’ll add that the visors are easily-mounted and removed — much easier than with any other removable visor I’ve used previously. So, if you’re apt to use this lid for MTB and road cycling use, you’ll be happy with that.

The Good

  • Top-notch construction
  • Fit adjustments are as expected
  • Light, comfortable straps
  • Bright yellow color is always welcome
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Sunglasses stay put on top

The Bad

  • Fit is on the small side — especially with bug net pads
  • Chin strap pad is unnecessary
  • Other-worldly MSRP (p.s. don’t pay full price)

The Bottom Line: Rudy Project Windmax Fluo

High-end helmets typically feature three things: ventilation, aerodynamics and safety. The Windmax delivers on those three promises, but not quite at the level of other top helmets on the market. Still, this is a great helmet if you can find it for less than MSRP.

Buy Now: Available at (e-rudy subscribers get discounts)

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