As one of the oldest manufacturers of cycling clothing around, Santini knows a thing or two about making kits for all kinds of weather. With the latest Svolta Long-sleeve Jersey, Santini has delivered high levels of comfort, an excellent fit and proper warmth for cold days in the saddle.

Santini Svolta Thermal Jersey Features: 

  • Breathable Lite Pro thermofleece
  • Double sleeve cuffs for extra warmth
  • Three rear jersey pockets
  • Reflective elements on back pockets
  • Contoured fit for on-bike performance
  • Available in 4 colors (Flashy Orange tested)
  • Made in Italy
  • MSRP: $160
Santini Svolta Thermal Jersey Review

The high-vis design is also warm and functional.

Stay warm and be seen

Big kudos to Santini on the Svolta Thermal Jersey designs. Several bright color options abound and are always welcomed — especially for something I’ll likely be wearing in bleak winter conditions. The Flashy Orange color matches with the Santini Svolta Bib Tights and the Svolta Jacket for a coordinated look. I quite like the combo and have received several compliments on the kit.

Putting the Svolta Thermal Jersey on is a lesson in optimized comfort. The Lite Pro therm-fleece fabric is lightly-brushed for the ultimate in next-to-skin comfort. Another benefit is added moisture transfer, which does come into play with cold-weather kits. As it turned out, breathability could be improved as things tended to get a little more swampy than I’d like when worn under the Svolta Jacket or even a lighter-weight outer shell. This was particularly-noticeable in the lower-back area that has double thickness due to the jersey pockets.

Santini Svolta Thermal Jersey Review

Rolling gravel in Oklahoma, the Svolta Thermal jersey delivers.

While breathability could be better when worn as a mid-layer, I did note that it aired out well as temps rose and I was able to wear it alone. This was noticeable on morning rides as the sun warmed me up and I rolled my shell into the center-rear pocket. I’d say that sweet spot was about 50-degrees when riding on rolling terrain.

I wore the Svolta Thermal Jersey with and without a sleeveless base layer. It works great either way, but I always appreciate a light base layer, so that was my setup of choice.

Huge kudos to Santini for the double cuff and overall sleeve length. Many times, sleeves are just not long enough, but the Svolta offers great sleeve length and that double cuff seals off drafts nicely and works well atop the Santini Acquazero Vega Winter Gloves. They even stretch comfortably over my Apple Watch.

The hem features silicone grip all the way around, which keeps the hem in place nicely. I will say that the front of the jersey is cut high, so you’ll want to make sure your bib tights or shorts come up high enough to maintain coverage.

Santini Svolta Thermal Jersey Review

Cold road miles back home in Alpine, UT.

When worn under the Svolta Jacket, the zipper tends to dig into my neck. Keep that in mind as you’re selecting an outer shell/jacket to wear with the Svolta Thermal Jersey and ideally, try them on together to ensure compatibility. It wasn’t the end of the world, but it did get a little annoying at times.

The three pockets are accessible and usable for winter riding. I could fit all the items I needed and they were pretty accessible though the pockets sit a little higher than I’d like, which made access to the center pocket a touch more difficult. I just stashed items there that I didn’t need to grab on-the-fly (tube, pump, shell).

The Good

  • Bright colors and unique designs
  • Comfortable next-to-skin
  • Zipper is easy to pull up/down
  • Ample sleeve length and double cuff is great
  • Nice collar height to keep in warmth
  • Remains stink-free after multiple uses

The Bad

  • Zipper can dig into your neck when warn as a mid-layer with certain jackets/shells
  • Front is cut high, so pick your bib tights accordingly
  • Breathability could be better with a mesh panel or two in the back

The Bottom Line: Svolta Thermal Jersey

Together with the Svolta Bib Tights, the Santini Svolta Thermal Jersey really shines. It’s comfortable and warm as both a mid layer and outer layer.  And those sleeves are the perfect length with a nice double cuff to ensure ultimate coverage. Breathability could be a touch better and keep in mind that the front is cut high, so plan your bib choice accordingly.

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  1. I’m on a hunt for a mid-season jersey and this piece got my attention as is currently on sale for good price.
    What size would you recommend to go for as I’m quite skinny body type with 183 cm and 69 kg.
    Always find it tricky buying cycling clothing online as sizing among brands differs a lot. It would be great to hear from someone who wear this jersey. Thanks

  2. Matus… thanks for the question. That’s a tough one. I’m a little shorter at 180cm, but a good 8kg heavier. I wore the Medium top and bottom. The sleeves were good length and the chest fit well — nice and snug without being overly-tight. For length, you may also need the medium, but it may be a little loose around the chest.

    Hard to say, but this really is a great piece.

  3. Thank you very much for your insight on sizing. I probably order two different sizes and keep the one which fit me best 🙂

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