A good pair of sunglasses makes a huge difference in overall ride enjoyment and safety. Seeing clearly when riding at both high and low speeds is critical to decision-making and obstacle avoidance. When descending down a canyon road at 45 mph, my vision is ultra-important and the Smith Attack Max deliver clarity with a wide field-of-vision.

Smith Attack Max Sunglasses Features:

  • Includes two ChromaPop™ lenses with hydroleophobic coating
  • Red Mirror and Contrast Rose lenses included with matte white (lens colors vary)
  • Smith MAG technology interchangeable lenses
  • Medium fit / large coverage
  • Two-position adjustable nose pads
  • Hydrophilic megol temple & nose pads for a secure fit
  • Protective carrying case and bag
  • MSRP: $249
Smith Attack Max Sunglasses Review

With Contrast Rose lenses, the Attack Max are perfect for cloudy days or early mornings.

See clearly with Attack Max

Looking over the Smith sunglass line, there are a ton to choose from. I’ve always gravitated to their shield line, which has always been on point. The Attack Max is a recent entry into the lineup and uses magnetic temple clips to attach the temples to the lens. It’s a unique attachment system and one that makes lens changes as easy as pie.

Smith’s lens quality has always been superb and the ChromaPop tech used here ensures both lenses deliver the best contrast and vision possible. I’ve tested just about every lens Smith has made and compared them with those from other manufacturers and these are as good as it gets.

Reggie Urban Camo

The early morning start required the Contrast Rose lenses.

Not only do the lenses offer excellent optical clarity, the large size of the Attack Max delivers excellent coverage and protection. Even at the highest speeds, wind is kept at bay for the best vision possible and tear-free eyes. I love, love, love that the lenses are free from labels, vent ports, etc. Even with the smallest of labels on the lenses, my eyes are always drawn there when I should be focused on the road ahead.

Some sunglasses do better at allowing moisture to move out from behind the lenses, but if there’s one thing that the Attack Max doesn’t do well, it’s just that. Without even a single vent, moisture quickly builds when stopped at the top of a long climb. It’s at its worst with higher humidity. If you point yourself downhill, the fog clears, but it’s not instant. So, while I love label and vent-free lenses, I think a strategic vent or two would definitely help with fogging.

Open UPPER, SRAM Red eTap AXS and Smith Attack Max

Mirror Red lenses are excellent for all-day use.

I changed lenses regularly, due to the easy process. It takes a whopping 30 seconds and you’re done. Because of that, I swapped out the Red Mirror and Contrast Rose lenses, as needed. An early morning mountain bike ride, Contrast Rose it is. A mid-day road ride, Red Mirror was the choice. And, Red Mirror has been quite versatile in both low and bright light.

Smith Attack Max - MAG Interchangeable Lenses

The MAG interchangeable lens system pops open to remove the temples.

The Smith Attack Max glasses have been used extensively for road biking mountain biking and trail running. I’ve worn them with a variety of helmets, including the Bontrager Circuit MIPS, Bontrager Specter Wavecel, Bolle Trackdown MIPS and POC Ventral Air. The temples sit flat and secure and the large lenses play nicely with each helmet. The rubber temples and glue-like nose bridge keep these glasses securely in place. I honestly don’t recall ever needing to re-adjust them — even after a rough 35-mile gravel ride.

Scratch-resistance has been good so far, but that’s something that takes effort to avoid. I don’t have any scratches (yet), but be careful how you care and store them and they will stay scratch-free for years.

The Good

  • Excellent field-of-vision
  • No labels or vents on lenses to distract
  • MAG interchangeable lenses are a breeze
  • Rubber temples/nose keep everything in place
  • Adjustable nose for varying nose widths
  • Includes two lenses

The Bad

  • Fog up in a jiffy when stopped
  • At the high end of the price spectrum

The Bottom Line: Smith Attack Max Sunglasses

Frameless, shield sunglasses are always my top choice for road biking, mountain biking and trail running. I’ve got enough on my mind and don’t need frames blocking my vision when instant decisions mean the difference between staying upright and road rash. Optical clarity of these ChromaPop lenses is superb and they stay put — even when I’m sweating buckets.

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