With all the flashy cycling jerseys on the market, Solo offers a refreshing classic alternative. Their Classique line of cycling jerseys feature vintage designs and patterns to remind us of cycling’s rich history. I’ve been able to ride the Solo Halcon Classique jersey in a variety of conditions, so it’s time to lay it out.

Solo Classique Jersey Features:

  • Super-soft Nuovotec polyester built for breathability, wicking and anti-bacterial
  • 8″ front zip with oversize zipper pull
  • Four rear pockets (one zippered)
  • Silicon elastic around the entire waistband
  • Knitted retro arm and neck bands
  • Screen-printed designs for bright colors and patterns
  • MSRP: $139

Solo Halcon Classique Cycling Jersey Review

Solo gives a nod to the classic era of cycling, but with modern fabrics. Every design is old-school and unique in today’s billboard-plastered jersey world. My test jersey was the Halcon-badged red, yellow and blue design. I don’t know much of the differences between screen-printed or digital designs, but the colors look bright and vibrant with sharp edges and clean lines.

As far as the fabric goes, I’ve been impressed with the next-to-skin comfort. This is due to the flatlock seams and the soft backside. Construction is fairly pedestrian as the sleeves aren’t of the raglan variety so you get a seam at the top of your shoulders. That style is fitting with the retro look that Solo is going for, so it is in keeping with the knit cuffs. Speaking of those cuffs, they offer a nice touch on the sleeves and collar, but they do feel a little thick as compared to most modern-style jerseys.

With it’s short, 8″ zipper, the Halcon Classique doesn’t offer much direct ventilation. On mid-day rides, I was wishing for a longer zipper. While I much prefer a full-zip jersey, I think 12″ should be an absolute minimum for both ventilation and on/off ease. I did find that if I rolled the hem up to the armpits, I could get the jersey on/off much easier (maybe I’m late to the party on that tip).

I have been impressed with the fabric’s ability to both shed wind and breathe. It also dries rather quickly. I also appreciated the grippy rubber all the way around the hem. This kept the jersey in place to prevent any backside exposure. As I loaded up the trio of pockets, things stayed put and the single zippered pocket added peace-of-mind as I tucked my iPhone in there to feed my Strava addiction.

For reference, I’m 5’11” and 175 lbs. Depending on the brand, I’m either a Medium or Large size. I wore a Medium and felt it offered a snug race fit (just what I like). A Large would have been a bit easier to take on/off. 

Good Halcon Classique:

  • Body fabric wicks moisture on hot days
  • Provides excellent wind protection when the temps drop
  • Great rear pockets with a zippered phone/valuables pocket
  • Grippy rubber around entire hem
  • Flatlock seams add to comfort

Bad Halcon Classique:

  • 8″ front zipper may be more “classic”, but I’d prefer a full-zip or a 12″ for better ventilation
  • Difficult to take on/off

Bottom Line: Solo Classique Bike Jersey

While I tested the vintage-inspired Halcon Classique jersey, there are several other classic designs/colors to choose from. As I thumbed through some vintage cycling photographs, it was cool to see some of the originals from back in the day when helmets were for soldiers. As far as the Solo Halcon Classique jersey goes, it’s certainly a nice jersey with lots of great features, but the 8″ zipper really puts a damper in its overall performance. But, if you’ve got a penchant for old-school, these jerseys are fantastic.

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