Just in case, it’s always good to carry along a compact road pump. While inflation with Co2 cartridges is always faster, it’s not worth gambling when you’re out on a long ride. The Spin Doctor RXP road mini pump exists for that exact purpose and I’ve used it plenty of times this winter.

Spin Doctor RXP Road Mini Pump Features:

  • High pressure design can reach¬†100+ PSI
  • Reversible head converts for Presta and Schrader valves
  • Lightweight aluminum barrel and handle
  • Includes mounting bracket and hardware
  • Price: $19.99

Spin Doctor RXP Road Mini Pump Review

The RXP Saved My Bacon — Many Times

This winter has been an odd one in Utah. It’s been the warmest and driest on record, so my riding time hasn’t dropped off the planet, like it does during most winters. But, with the continued riding, the road conditions have deteriorated in a hurry. Typically, the snow plows end up pushing debris off to the side of the road, but with the meager snowfall, the plows have been gathering dust.

Because of that, I’ve experienced more than my typical share of flats. And, on every occasion, I’ve turned to the Spin Doctor RXP for primary or secondary inflation.

Spin Doctor RXP Road Mini Pump Review

The RXP is the perfect size to stash unnoticed in a jersey pocket, yet it provides enough real estate to inflate tires to acceptable pressures. No, it’s not intended to replace your trusty floor pump, but in a pinch, this silver bullet does the job.

One of my favorite features of this pump is the locking lever. I really appreciate that it swings from the top of the head outward instead of from the body of the pump and upward. As such, it delivers a much easier valve lock than any other hand pump I’ve used. And, when it’s time to disengage, a simple flick is all it takes — simple pleasures. And, with Presta valves, it “pops” right onto the stem with ease and clamps down for efficient inflation.

Spin Doctor RXP Road Mini Pump Review

Don’t let me kid you… this is a mini pump. And, it will get your tires to 100 psi or more, but it will take a few hundred strokes to get there. I’ve used the RXP to inflate 32mm cyclocross tires (not bad) and 25mm Zipp Tangente Course tires and the latter does require several hundred strokes to get to an acceptable riding pressure. It will take you a few minutes, but you’ll get there. The nice thing is the pump action is smooth and the aluminum body feels sturdy in hand.

The Good

  • Compact size fits nicely into a jersey pocket
  • Locking head is on point — nicely done!
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Reasonable price
  • Securely pops¬†onto Presta valves

The Bad

  • Takes a ton of strokes to inflate to 100 psi

The Bottom Line: Spin Doctor RXP Road Mini Pump

Don’t be that guy who has to do the walk of shame because he was ill prepared. Pick up the $20 RXP mini pump and never worry about whether that Co2 cartridge is full or not. This sturdy mini pump is solidly-built and has come to the rescue on many occasions.

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  1. You tell us it is “the perfect size” but don’t mention what that is.
    What is the actual length & weight of this product?
    Every product review should include basic size & weight details.

    • Sorry for not including that in the specs. I’ll be sure to do that in the future, but this unit is so old and not made anymore, so it likely doesn’t matter. “Perfect” size means it fits in a jersey pocket. Take that for reference.

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