Tucked away in that back pocket is a vest, jacket or arm warmers, which means either it is shoulder season or you’re headed into the mountains for a chilly morning descent. Enter the lightweight Sugoi RS jacket — the perfect companion for early mornings and cool afternoons.

Sugoi RS Jacket Features:

  • Lightweight Micro Pro fabric
  • Water and wind-resistant
  • Rear cargo pockets
  • On-bike optimized pro fit
  • Reflective details
  • Stuffs into pocket and can be strapped under saddle
  • Price: $80

Sugoi RS Jacket Review


The RS Jacket offers extra ride insurance

No question… you need a light jacket that can be stuffed in your jersey. It comes in handy to stave the chill of morning descents and can take the sting out of a solid summer rainstorm. For the better part of my┬áseason, that jacket has been the Sugoi RS. Updated this year, the RS Jacket is ultralight and offers protection beyond what you’d expect. As a bonus, it can be stuffed into itself and strapped under the saddle — a nifty idea, but not very practical since most of us ride with a saddle bag.

Functionally, the RS Jacket is really good. I love how small it packs down. Stuffing it into a jersey pocket doesn’t take much effort and is barely noticeable while riding. I packed it along for hundreds of miles and sometimes I pulled it out while other times it just stayed in my jersey.

I consistently pulled it out prior to the long descent from the top of the American Fork Alpine Loop. This 3000 ft. descent has several cold pockets along the way — even in mid-summer — so, it really came in handy. The Micro Pro fabric blocks wind quite well and repels moisture with its DWR treatment. Water just beads right up.

Sugoi RS Jacket Review

Comes in handy on cold morning descents.

The RS Jacket features a proper on-bike fit with a couple of excellent features that I’ll point out. First off, the sleeve cuffs have a slight gusset on them using a stretchy material. This allows the cuff to expand easier when taking it off/on and can accommodate the extra girth needed for a watch too. Secondly, the collar features the same stretchy material on the upper inch of it. This allows the collar to maintain an airtight seal without feeling constricting. I’ll also note that the front hem of the jacket also sports the same stretchy fabric.

Considering that Sugoi considers this jacket to have a race fit, it did become rather sail-like on descents. I’m 5’11” and 170 lbs and the size large does fit well. It’s not a race fit, but it is a semi-pro cut. With that fit, it does get quite flappy in the wind when hitting 30 mph+.

The Good

  • Ultralight and packable
  • Stuffs into jersey pocket with room to spare
  • Knocks out cold mountain air
  • Great emergency weather protection
  • Remains stink-free even after multiple uses
  • Comfortable collar and cuffs

The Bad

  • Flaps in the wind like a sail
  • Saddle bag carry is nice to have, but unnecessary

The Bottom Line: Sugoi RS Jacket

We all need a lightweight jacket like the RS. It packs down small and feels like nothing when stuffed into a jersey pocket.

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