With headquarters in the Vancouver, BC area, Sugoi should know a thing or two about making cycling gear that can stand up to the best that Mother Nature is dishing out. The warmth and wind-blocking attributes of the RS Zero L/S jersey has been superb.

Sugoi RS Zero L/S Jersey Features

  • Windproof Firewall 180 chest and arm panels with breathable mid-zero thermal insulation in the back
  • Ergonomic collar and sleeve construction for a contoured ride position fit
  • Full length zipper for ventilation
  • Three rear pockets for storing ride essentials
  • Colors: Black, Matador (tested)
  • MSRP: $130

Sugoi RS Zero L/S Jersey Review

Cold Weather With the Sugoi RS Zero Jersey

The RS Zero arrived just in time for a few unseasonably-cold September mornings here in Utah. When heading out for an early 6:15 am ride, it’s been darn near winter-weight weather. I haven’t been quite ready to ditch the warm-weather gear, but after riding in 30-degree temps I’m searching for gear that has disappeared since spring.

Enter the Sugoi RS Zero L/S Jersey with its combination of Firewall 180 and standard thermal materials for a cold-weather warrior. With its soft backing and wind-resistance, this jersey is warm and cozy. The collar is perfectly-snug and tall to keep warmth in and block chill on descents.

Sugoi RS Zero L/S Jersey Review

Sugoi opted not to go with thumb ports in the sleeves and I actually agree with that decision. It may reduce the “in a pinch” function, but it makes for a better glove and shell compatibility, in my opinion. What works really well with he RS Zero is the mix of wind and thermal fabrics. Ascending up 1500 vertical feet at 6:30 am when the temperatures have been in the mid-30’s has been overall quite comfortable. Only after nearing the turn-around point did I notice that the zipper backing was cold against my chest as it struggled to expel the moisture from it.

This jersey is made effeciently and well for the riding position with a significant drop hem. The fit is what I’d call “perfectly cut”. It’s not sausage-tight, but it’s not baggy by any means. The size large fits my 5’11” 170 lb frame with perfection.

Sugoi RS Zero L/S Jersey Review - MTB friendly

To round out its function, it works equally well for both MTB and road use with heavy items (like my iPhone) well in the rear pockets. Depth of the rear pockets can easily accomodate jackets, food and anything else I’ve hauled. along.

The Good

  • Solid wind protection down to about 40 degrees
  • Soft next-to-skin
  • Tall, warm collar
  • Perfect sleeve length
  • Cuffs are stretchy, easily pulled over gloves
  • Pockets are good height, easily reached

The Bad

  • Zipper backing retains moisture, feels cold next-to-skin
  • Zipper can be a little difficult to pull

The Bottom Line

Those looking for a versatile winter-weight jersey/jacket should give this one a good look. With excellent breathability and “just right” wind protection, the RS Zero is a solid entry into the mix of cold weather jerseys.

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