Tires, politics and religion — cyclists are likely equally passionate about one or all of those three things. I have my go-to tires and have for years, but the all-new 2015 Zipp Tangente Course 25c tires have crept their way into the stable this winter with their wicked-fast moves.

Zipp Tangente Course Tires Feature:

  • Use for racing and training
  • Optimized for dry roads
  • 120 TPI nylon casing and nylon puncture protection strip
  • Entirely new aero tread pattern
  • Supple and compliant sidewalls
  • Rubber intended for grip and acceleration
  • Very low rolling resistance to save saves watts
  • Light weight (actual weight was 220 grams for 25c)
  • Price: $55


I Think Tangente Means Fast

With a fresh new design, the 2015 version of the Zipp Tangente Course tires are aimed at speed. Well, with a brand like Zipp labeled on the sidewalls, it’s hard to imagine anything less than that. While flat-out speed is always on the brains of Zipp engineers, it’s a bit of a surprise that these tires are hitting store shelves at a $55 price point — very competitive.

With a wallet-friendly price, Zipp didn’t just race to the bottom on these all-around training and racing tires. Every thread and every ounce of rubber is designed to deliver long-distance comfort and durability while minimizing rolling resistance.

Argon 18 Krypton XRoad with Zipp Tangente Course Tires

So far, I’ve been riding the Tangente 25c’s aboard an Argon 18 Krypton XRoad equipped with Zipp 202 Firecrest Carbon disc wheels. This fantastic bike has been a great platform for testing these tires. With plenty of clearance for up to 32c tires, the Krypton is made to tackle any road, any time. For my pure road testing time, I’ve found the Tangente Course 25c’s to be just as advertised.

No, I’m not measuring rolling resistance with scientific precision. But, my body is pretty honed in on the feel of different tires and I do notice the increase in speed over the course of a longer ride. These tires respond in a jiffy with sure-footed traction and keep on rolling without a hint of resistance.

I’ll say that I’ve run these tires at about 10 psi lower than recommended for my 170 lb. weight. As such, I’ve enjoyed even greater traction and a more supple ride. All that has come at a trade-off, however. That trade-off has been an abundance of flats. Well, not an abundance, but two in 200 miles is a bit more than I typically experience with my usual Continental Grand Prix 4000s tires. Higher pressures will certainly reduce flats, but the ride quality suffers — pick your preference, I suppose.

9 Feb 2017 Update: I’ve since ridden these tires extensively on several bikes with much success. These continue to be great tires.

The Good

  • Noticeably fast
  • Minuscule rolling resistance
  • Lower pressure yielded excellent traction — especially in wet weather
  • Great price
  • Excellent weight

The Bad

  • I got more flats at my lower air pressure than usual

The Bottom Line: 2015 Zipp Tangente Course 25c

Zipp engineers will never be faulted for a lack of dedication to speed and the new Tangente tires are a testament to that. I found them to be noticeably zippier than my typical tires and they deliver excellent traction and ride quality to boot — particularly at a few psi lower than is recommended.

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