It seems that Santa brought a huge gift for everyone along the Wasatch Front…over 50 inches in some places. The day after Christmas I woke up, dug out the driveway, and hopped in the wagon with Pink Floyd playing. Some say that Floyd’s “The Wall” is a tribute to isolation. Pretty fitting, seeing as we rarely crossed a track all day Friday and skied some of the most phenomenal pow any of us had seen in Utah in years. It stormed all day and night on Friday, and Saturday at The Canyons was just as amazing — with the sun peeking out every now and again.

By 2:30 we were all spent, but I decided to take my last run solo under Golden Eagle. When’s the last time you skied an open run at 2:30 pm on the Saturday after Christmas and had stretches of 8 turns without crossing a track?? You might call it isolation…I call it one of the days you dream of. This pic of Kendall’s “o-face” will give you the idea. This was directly under the lift at 10 in the morning on Saturday…and still untracked. Unbelievable.

Powder Skiing in Utah

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