Granite Gear has consistently focused on doing one thing… building bombproof gear that’s durable and functional. We’ve tested a few Granite Gear products over the years and have found their packs to be simple, functional and durable in the backcountry. This year, Granite Gear has moved away from some product lines like gloves to focus their pack line.

Founders Jeff Knight and Dan Cruikshank are passionate about gear and love to show off the new product at Outdoor Retailer. All Granite Gear products are backed by a no-nonsense guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. These guys believe in their products!

Quick Quiver (Q2)
This new pack was one of the first products that caught my attention at Outdoor Retailer. I’ve seen enough ski packs to understand what makes one better than another and what’s truly a new design. Well, the new Quick Quiver from Granite Gear offers something only offered in one other pack that I know of–the ability to attach your skis while keeping the pack on.

We’ve all done it… the funky chicken dance after attaching your skis to your pack, then trying to get the pack on without whacking your buddies with your ski tips. Well, the new Quick Quiver pack uses a different philosophy to attaching skis. With the pack on, you simply locate the ski tail loop, or “Ski-Channel”, with one hand and insert your skis into the loop. Once inserted, simply bring the ski tips across the opposite shoulder behind you. Then, just grab the carabineer bungee loop, wrap it around your skis a couple of times and clip it back on the D-clip. That’s it! I did it first try and it was as simple as could be. What a great idea!

To keep everything simple, the Quick Quiver pack also uses an internal pocket to store all your avie gear: shovel, probe, skins, etc. The lower-right triangle of the pack is for stuffing extra layers, etc. This wedge-shaped pocket offers a perfect ledge to hold your skis in place while hiking. Of course, it is hydration compatible to keep you motoring in the backcountry. I’d suggest adding the Granite Gear Winterizer to keep your liquids liquid.

Of course, this 1200 cu. in. pack is built using bomber materials like Cordura and durable rubber for high abrasion resistance. Look for the Quick Quiver this Fall for about $115.

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