Ski clothing has been heavily influenced by snowboarding and street style over recent years. Plaid patterns and oversized/matching jackets and pants are all the rage for the jib scene and park rats. It’s funny how most of the time, I show up at the resort with my sleek and streamlined Arc’teryx-type jackets and pants because that’s just what I wear, but I suppose I could learn a thing or two from the latest ski fashion.

I just got a sneak preview of the 2010 Causwell clothing line that will debut at the SIA show in January (Causwell is the clothing line from the crew at Surface Skis). Expanding out of primarily hoodies and shirts, Causwell is now crashing the outerwear and street fashion scene. Here are a few select pieces that will be introduced at the show:

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  1. Looks like cool stuff!! Not sure how functional it may be for my usual activities of skinning into the backcountry for powder, but it looks like it would keep you warm at the resort and it would definitely show well on film & in photographs.

  2. Michi… the product line isn’t yet available for purchase. You’ll have to wait until Fall. As far as local distributors, I’d contact Causwell for European distribution. They should have the products for sale online, but exporting overseas can be tricky.

    Check out the line here:

  3. Yo i wrote the same thing on the causwell blog asking about purchasing… the clothing is sick! amazing job… i noticed that your comments were written in april and winter is a lot closer now than it was then, will any of the clothing be for sale? and can it be shipped overseas. I live in switzerland too..

    question for michi, where’s your shop in switzerland? and have you managed to buy any of the causwell line?

  4. hi I was wanting to buy the causwell alaskan blue jacket but i cant find any price’s? and when are they coming out?

  5. Andrew Rees on

    yo i was looking at the nimbus independent en route “approach” and was wondering if the EP pants, i.e. the slimmer ones that eric is wearing in the webisode will be coming out in winter 2011? if so do they have distribution in switzerland or the UK? cheers

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