Looks like Backcountry.com is stepping it up with their new Stoic brand. I’ve been very impressed with the variety of Backcountry-branded gear I’ve reviewed in the past and envision the new Stoic apparel and outerwear pieces to be even better. Here’s the news release on the official launch of Stoic.

Sheets of light-density snow blanket the mountains before an epic powder day. Solid ice has finally formed on a classic mixed line that rarely exists. The suffocating deluge that has kept a climbing team holed up in their tent for five days at 20,478 feet has abated, giving way to a welcoming ridge of high pressure for the first ascent summit push.

It’s game on. It’s time to thrive in your element. You need Stoic.

Stoic is a new line of premium technical gear that has captured, cultured and distilled mountain adventure into everlasting bomber apparel.

Every Stoic piece works as part of a whole. Whether you seek an ascetically spare shell system or a fully featured alpine expedition suit, an ethereal second-skin base layer or a bulletproof backcountry bib, Stoic delivers. Every feature, fabric and construction method is tried and thoroughly tested not only by human hands, but by the terrain and conditions that surround us, and the community of alpinists who share and stoke our drive.

“Stoic is made for people whose gear and skills are tested by alpine terrain and conditions,” says Bill Hartlieb, Stoic Brand Manager. “We built this line with the innovation of welded construction and weather-protecting materials, and an ideal synergy of weight, function and durability to provide maximum comfort and performance when you’re charging in the mountains.”

Stoic has a fresh fall ’09 line-up, featuring a number of super technical pinnacle pieces:

Stoic Bombshell Insulated Jacket

Weighing in at less than two pounds, the fully weld-seamed Bombshell Insulated Jacket is your new backcountry friend that quietly keeps you warm and dry thanks to Cirrus microfiber synthetic insulation and a proprietary Bombshell waterproof breathable material that allows a bit of stretch. The burly Bombshell Bib flows unobstructed with your every move, from precise front-pointing to dynamic knee-dropping while farming turns.

Stoic Bombshell Jacket

Welder Collection: Softshell & Gloves

The softshell jacket Welder Collection – Lo, Hi and Insulated – will out-breathe the best Lamaze gurus and fend off precip like a Cockatiel’s oily feathers. And for your digits, the softshell Welder Glove features fused dynamism with superior dexterity, welded technology and a wool liner that means warmth and comfort for your hands.

Ladies Bombshell Pant

For the ladies, both in- and out-of-bounds, the Bombshell Insulated Ski Pant uses the same comfy flat welded seams and just the right amount of Cirrus insulation on the legs. The adjustable waist pants combine inbounds fashion and side- or backcountry function.

Stoic Bombshell Pant & Jacket - Women's

Stoic is the more focused newcomer, born from its predecessor, Backcountry.com brand gear. Over the past three years, what is now Stoic has been formed and refined with the help of feedback from hundreds of members of Backcountry.com’s Gear Guru community. It’s the honed and tested result of the people that push their gear to the limits and tell us about it. Core gear users helping build gear for other core users, that’s Stoic.

More Info: www.stoicgear.com

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