Local ski manufacturer, Bluehouse Skis, has been hard at work in the offseason honing their new ski designs and tweaking the existing ones. A lineup that consisted of just two skis last season (District and MR) is doubling in size to four (District, MR, Shoots and Maven).

Utilizing their lightweight, snappy and durable bamboo cores and traditional construction, Bluehouse skis are solid performers for much less coin than the big boys. AND… you get the joy of buying from a local company that’s run by a dedicated crew of skiers. Heck, if they do what they did last year, you just might get your skis hand-delivered to your door.

Bluehouse Skis Pre-season Pricing: Limited-time Discounts

Since Bluehouse is small, they can keep things simple with their direct-to-consumer pricing and service. Their regular prices are outstanding, but their just-announced pre-season pricing is flat-out amazing!  Honestly, you can pick up two pairs of Bluehouse Skis for the price of one from the other guys and still have money left over for a set of binders.

Bluehouse MR (Mister)

This season, the MR’s feature some really spiffy retro graphics that remind me of The Ski from back in the 80’s. As a park and jib ski, the MR is hard to beat… low swing-weight, perfect profile and twin-tips, the MR should be tops on your list. And at a pre-season price of only $274 per pair, you can outfit a whole family of jibbers!

Bluehouse MR Skis - 2009

Sizes: 164, 171 and 179 cm
Dimensions: 125/92/120 (164 cm) or 125/93/120

Bluehouse District

I skied on last year’s Districts and loved them in the pow… absolutely loved them in the soft and deep Utah pow that was so prevalent last season. However, they did tend to get pushed around in crud and cut-up junk. This year, the District comes with additional fiberglass layers to make them more stable in all conditions. At the pre-season sale price of only $324 per pair, it looks like these will be my touring skis this season.

Bluehouse District Skis - 2009

Sizes: 176 and 187 cm
Dimensions: 134/108/122 and 134/103/122

Bluehouse The Shoots – NEW

These all-new boards feature a rockered tip and a flat tail and are made for big mountain pow–the stuff you see in the movies (or at Snowbird during a weekday storm). Burly and stout as all get out, The Shoots are for powerful skiers only and have very little sidecut to arc turns on the groomers. At a mere $374 per pair during the pre-season sale, The Shoots are a steal–even if you only break them out 3-4 days per year.

Bluehouse Shoots Skis - 2009

Size: 191
Dimensions: 149/128/133

Bluehouse Maven – NEW

Another new ski for this year is the Maven. With zero camber and a fully-rockered tip, these ginormous skis are made for bombing the pow, but still feature enough sidecut to carve your way down the groomers. For an inbounds pow ski or a dedicated cat skiing/heli setup, the Mavens look killer. And at the pre-season price of $374, they won’t break the bank.

Bluehouse Maven Skis - 2009

Size: 189
Dimensions: 154/139/151

These super-duper sale prices are only good for two weeks or until supplies last! Online sales begin September 18, 2008 at midnight, so log on and buy ’em while you can!

More Info: Visit Bluehouseskis.com

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  1. Gary (Big G) Griffiths on


    I just emailed the boys at Bluehouse to see if I can get on some Mavens this season for the Pow & inbounds Crud Mt. Baker is known for!
    What type of binding setup are people running on the Maven? I will be using them to Patrol most days, if not all.

    • Ahh… Baker! I absolutely LOVE that place! As far as binders on the Mavens, they run the full spectrum actually. However, most people prefer to have a low-to-ski feel on these skis, so check out something with a low rise. If you’re going AT on them and you want to ski inbounds, the Fritschi Freeride is your only option, but you’ll be up high on the ski.

      I think you’ll like the Mavens up there in the PNW pow/crud!

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