BlueHouse Skis Local Utah ski startup, BlueHouse Skis, is taking product delivery to the next level. Not only are these guys making great skis, but they are drinking the Kool Aid and spreading the love better than any other manufacturer. Think Salomon is going to walk down your street and hand you a pair of PocketRocket’s with a banner and balloons in hand? Nah… those guys are too busy serving their billionth customer. BlueHouse Skis, on the other hand, is out to prove a point. They are out there to change the way skis are designed, built and marketed. And, if you’re lucky enough, they just might deliver them to your door. Hugs and kisses are optional, but stoke is mandatory.

I’ve had my eye on BlueHouse for a little while and like what I’m seeing. Their ski line looks strong and uber-focused on core riders who want great skis, but are tired of all the big-name ski brands. BlueHouse just might be changing our expectations of a ski company by providing excellent customer service and delivering a quality product for core skiers.

Check out the BlueHouse crew as they went door-to-door delivering the goods to a couple of actual customers here in Salt Lake City:

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