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For most it’s time to hang up the skis for the season, literally. Each year skiers commence a search for the best and easiest way to hang up skis and snowboards in the garage, home, dorm room, shop, etc. It’s worse if you’ve got a quiver that can take up half a room when the stack slides down into that reclined position. I know, I’ve been there.

How to get those things out of the corner and hung on the wall without re-engineering the world of 2×4’s and wooden dowels is a serious undertaking, especially when you lack the tools or capability to build your own ski rack.

While the 2×4 and wooden dowels work OK (I had this type of set up in my Park City condo), I was looking for something a little more durable that would be easy on the eye as well as easy to mount. Additionally, with today’s wider skis the amount of torque put on a wood set up may decrease the lifespan of your racks.

Needless to say I was definitely stoked when I checked out the ski and snowboard racks from a small company called Bordz-Up and saw what looked like the answer to my search.

Boardz Up wall mount ski racks

About the Bordz-Up Ski Racks

The Bordz-Up wall mounted ski rack is very clean looking and durable. Each ski rack comes with 4 ski holders with each ski holder having a spot for you to hang ski poles as well. The widest ski that I put in the holders was a 128mm tip and they held just fine. The holders have a very thin piece of foam on the arms to help with resistance. One of the coolest features of each individual holder is that they swivel left or right. It saves a bit of space to have them swiveled to once side or the other and it also is an easy way to organize.

Boardz Up wall mount ski racks - ski pole holders

The racks mount directly to the wall with 3 long screws that will drill directly into wall studs on the 16″ center. They come with toggle bolts in case you can’t mount directly to the studs or in my case if you have an old shop/garage that is built on 24″ centers.

As seen in the photos, instead of using the toggle bolts I put a 1×4 plank on the wall and then mounted the racks to the plank. I was also limited by space so I slightly overlapped the racks in order to put both of them between the window and the corner adjacent to my work bench.

Another great feature that is light years ahead of the 2×4 and dowel concept is that each ski holder can be moved along the mount bars to whatever location you desire. Just loosen the bolt, slide the holder in either direction and snug the bolt back down. Not too tight as you’ll inhibit the swivel option if you snug down the bolt too much.

Boardz Up wall mount ski racks - close up

The GSR Snowboard rack is just as simple to mount and it quite ingenious as it utilizes gravity and a 3 point system to hold your board in place. I’ve never seen a snowboard rack that’s this easy to install and to use. It’s been so well received that it’s featured in the Block Hotel, the worlds first snowboard hotel.

Purchase the Bordz-Up Rack

I’m telling you, don’t mess around with the old school 2×4 rack that you’ve always used. Get a Bordz-Up rack and do it right. Plus each rack has a 10 year warranty. My guess after using them for the better part of this season is that they’ll last well beyond the life of any ski you own.

The Pipe Line Ski Rack which holds 4 pairs of skis retails for $69.99 and the GSR 1000 Snowboard rack retails for $39.99

As a new and growing company the options for buying a Bordz-Up rack keep getting better each month. But if your favorite online or offline retailer isn’t selling these racks yet tell them what’s up.

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  1. Are the skis resting on the floor, or are they suspended? I’m hoping the latter, as I have nordics that are much longer than my ATs, and if I mount the rack for the ATs to rest on the floor, the nordics will be too fat at that point.

    • Hey Greg… the racks can be mounted anywhere on the wall, but preferably somewhere you won’t have to use a ladder to access. 😉 They do hold the skis off the floor and seem to work well with even some of my fattest skis.

  2. I’ve found the Bordz Up ski racks to be great until… well, until I got some fat, rockered skis. My Surface Live Life skis do fit, but you’ve got to finagle them quite a bit. Just keep that in mind.

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