This season, Canyons Resort in Park City, UT will feature some bold new improvements with new lifts (a heated, enclosed high-speed quad, no less), gondola re-alignment, a ski beach and more. As some may recall, I taught skiing at Canyons Resort for two seasons as it transitioned from then Wolf Mountain into the beginnings of the mountain we all enjoy today. I’ve been there from the days of muddy parking lots and old lodges and have seen it transform into one of the largest resorts boasting high-speed lifts and world-class facilities and accommodations.

As part of the huge improvements coming this season at Canyons, they are asking each of us, “How do you mountain?” While that question may seem a little odd, think carefully my friends. Your answer could land you a dream gig for the season to document the mountain and share your experiences with the world.

This dream gig will include:

  • A season pass (of course)
  • Superior (Suite) lodging at the Waldorf Astoria (swanky)
  • Salary of $40,000 for just four months of “hard work” (not bad)
  • Use of cameras, video cameras and a laptop (the tools of the trade)
  • Head-to-toe ski or snowboard gear (gotta represent)
  • Canyons Club access (that’s how you’ll roll)
  • Spa treatments (cucumbers optional)
  • Ski school and avalanche training clinics (gotta know your stuff)
  • First tracks and heli skiing access (oh yeah!!!)
  • VIP credentials for all events (you=rock star)

So, go ahead and share how you mountain and you could be the envy of your posse while you live the dream at Canyons Resort this Winter.

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