DaKine has long been a leader in outdoor gear. Starting in 1979, DaKine began making surfing accessories. It wasn’t until 1993 that DaKine first entered the winter glove market. Now, 12 years later, DaKine has the glove market nailed with over 70 different gloves. Dedicated to high-quality, durable soft goods, the DaKine Bronco GT gloves are a great example of the type of products DaKine makes.

The skintrack is a great testing grounds for breathability.

DaKine Bronco GT Details

The DaKine Bronco GT gloves represent all of the best features you could want in a technical glove. Using a low-profile design with perfectly articulated fingers, the Bronco GT’s fit… well… like a glove after a quick, one-day break-in. Attention to detail is evident with the use of a high quality mix of materials all built around a Gore-Tex™ insert.

As gloves have evolved from short length to gauntlet style, and now back to form-fitting, yet functional and warm, the DaKine Bronco GT gloves represent the best of this new glove design.

Using bomber materials such as Corded Nylon Flextough shell, a rubberized Clarino palm and neoprene cuffs, the Bronco GT is built for years of abuse in all weather conditions. The combination of lightweight, thermal insulation and Gore-Tex inserts provides warmth and dryness from Sierra Cement to Wasatch Powder.

2005 Bronco GT Glove Review

When I first got the Bronco GT’s, the large size felt a bit tight. A friend of mine convinced me that they would stretch and fit just perfectly. After using them once, they stretched out perfectly. He was right. I flogged the Bronco GT’s over the course of several months on many backcountry tours and in-bounds ski days. It wasn’t long before these gloves really became my “only” pair of gloves.

My other pairs of gloves mostly consist of bulkier, half gauntlet designs, or lightweight spring gloves. The DaKine Bronco GT gloves split the gap between the lightweight and comfortable spring gloves and bulky, heavyweight designs. They offer the perfect fit for all-around comfort in all but the coldest of conditions.

Enjoying the pow on the way down.

On several backcountry tours, the Bronco GT’s performed flawlessly. They breathed well and also kept my hands warm and dry–despite some nuking winds and wetter than usual Utah powder. I really like the grippy, rubberized palms. Because it’s so grippy, it is easy to fiddle with helmet buckles, pole adjustments, zipping jackets and adjusting goggles. I’m totally sold on the functionality of this glove design. I particularly like the glove length and neoprene cuffs for overall comfort. It makes it very easy to comfortably cinch it tight around your wrist, then bring your jacket on top of the gloves. Gauntlet designs just get too bulky, but this glove design works great.

In addition to the rubberized palm, the outer shell of the Bronco GT’s is very burly and durable. I used it to bash a few low-hanging branches during the past few months, and they continue to look as good as new. The only wear and tear I see is a little bit of rubberized palm wear on the edges of the fingers. Other than that, everything looks great and is holding up nicely to plenty of abuse.

Bottom Line: Dakine Bronco GT Gloves

I’m very impressed with the performance of the DaKine Bronco GT gloves. They have worked their way into the “favorite gear” status very quickly. The trim fit offers much more flexibility and overall comfort versus bulkier designs. For the Utah fluff and backcountry tours, the Bronco GT’s are the perfect answer. Because of the durable construction throughout, these gloves will be trusty friends for a long time. The DaKine Bronco GT gloves are the perfect, all-around glove for nearly all conditions.

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