Want to earn a pair of free skis? With carbon-fiber ski manufacturer, DPsskis.com, $969 and some word-of-mouth could score you a pair of free skis. Free skis may not come to every bro/brah in the industry, but the word on the street is that DPS skis are the best skis you’ll ever turn, so relying on an independent crew of ad-hoc salesman on snow might not be a bad idea.

DPS Skis

Here’s the skinny… to enter the DPS Skis Sales Rep Program, you must first put skin in the game by ponying up $969 for your own pair of skis. After that, you simply sign up for the program and start spreading the word. You end up with your own unique referral code that can be distributed to all interested parties. You get commission for the sale, and they get a 5% discount just by using your code. Seems like a pretty low-key, win-win sale to me. In a year’s time, there’s a potential to earn $1400 plus up to 3 pair of new skis.

About DPS Skis

DPS is a small crew of dedicated riders who are bent on utilizing the latest in carbon fiber technology combined with the best in ski designs to produce the best skis on the market, period. Because their design combines the latest carbon fiber technology and bamboo sidewalls (Bluehouse Skis also use bamboo), the skis are not only durable and snappy, but also end up being significantly lighter than any other ski on the market. Check out the DPS construction page for more details on their unique ski construction.

The Ski Line: DPS Wailer 95

DPS Skis Wailer 95 Powder Skis

I’m geeking out at all the technology and thought that has been put into their entire ski line. The Wailer 95 represents what is likely the most versatile ride on the rack. The design sports a versatile 95mm waist width combined with super lightweight and powerful carbon design to float in powder, bust through crud and carve up the groomers with the best of them. You can read more about the details of the Wailer 95 design on their Web site.

On top of offering three different lengths (175cm, 185cm, 195cm), the Wailer 95 is also available in two different flex patterns to even further customize the skiability of the 125/95/113 ski design. With its light weight and versatile design, the Wailer 95 looks like it has the potential to be the best backcountry touring ski on the market today. Combine it with a pair of Dynafit Comfort bindings and you’ll have a super light package.

DPS also builds a fatter version of the Wailer, the Wailer 105 along with an uber-fat Lotus 120, a rockered tip/tail Lotus 138 and a the Cassair80 groomer’s special.

You’ve got to have the coin to get started, but if you’ve got dedicated friends with money to burn, or if you’re particularly persuasive on the chairlift, it could pay off in the form of cash and free skis.

More Info: Visit www.dpsskis.com

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