Have you ever had a pair of skins stuck together so bad that you and your buddy had to re-enact the World’s Strongest Man Competition just to un-stick them from each other? Or, have you ever had your skins refuse to stay on in cold conditions? If you haven’t, then either you don’t get out much, or you’re using G3’s Climbing Skins. At OR, Sally Carmichael, showed me the consistent tackyness and pull of the G3 glue. These skins pulled apart easily and consistently, yet still provide enough sticky to stay on your skis no matter the temperature.

After a hiatus from the climbing skin market, G3 came back into the fold with some of the most durable and functional climbing skins on the market. Tested by polar explorers, Tash Wright and Polly Murray in sub -30 degree temperatures, the G3 climbing skins will attach quickly and easily and stay put in even the coldest of conditions.

Available in 10cm increments from 50mm to 130mm, the G3 Climbing Skins are available in what’s likely the widest widths available today. No matter the width of your skis, the complete skins from G3 will have you covered. Retail price ranges from $102 – $164.

Please visit GenuineGuideGear.com to find out more about the G3 Climbing Skins.
Visit Backcountry.com to purchase a pair of G3 climbing skins.

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