A decade after G3’s first product emerged from a basement, the company has come out of the shadows and into the mainstream with a new ski line and improved products throughout. These guys are passionate about creating bombproof gear for backcountry use. The idea is to make every product they make “guide worthy.” What’s meant by that? Well, think of all the mountain guides you know. Now, think of how much they abuse their telemark bindings, avalanche shovel, skis, pack and other gear. Every guide I can think of has more duct tape than your local Home Depot. Well, G3’s mission is to reduce the overall duct tape consumption of backcountry skiers and guides alike.

Building great products for the backcountry that your life can depend on, that’s G3’s mission. Check out their new ski line and improved G3 Climbing Skins for 2005-2006.

G3 Reverend Skis

Behold, the Reverend! Preach to the choir, brother!

2005 G3 Reverend Skis

Two years of intense R&D at the hands of 20-year industry veteran, Paul Parker, and some of the world’s foremost mountain guides has revealed a ski straight from the heart of the local congregation. The Reverend looks to be a fat ski that hasn’t lost its edge. Many fat skis offer a soft flex that’s great for powder, but not much else. According to G3, the Reverend is “not a specialized powder ski, but rather a wide ski that rides high in soft conditions, the Reverend’s flex and shape allows it to snap from turn to turn and carve with grace on firm snow.” Translation… if you only choose to plunk down the Visa for one pair of skis, make it the G3 Reverend.

The Reverend is wide, but not portly. With a 126mm tip, 93mm waist and 114mm tail, it’s in the middle of the fat ski pack as far as width is concerned. Aimed at fast-skiing AT and telemark skiers, the Reverend will ride like a Cadillac over speed bumps.

Using a laminated wood core, the Reverend is built using cap construction for a smooth flex and consistent, durable performance. Like all G3 skis, the Reverend has a removable tip plug for emergency rescue situations and a slightly turned-up tail for versatility. The notched tail is perfect for securing most climbing skins–specifically, but not exclusively G3’s Climbing Skins.

The retail price of $675 (if you can find them) is inline with other skis of this caliber. Most retailers are completely sold out of the Reverends, so you’ll have to wait until the Fall, when G3 has committed to up the production to meet demand.

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