Since the fall of 2000, we here at FeedTheHabit have promoted the latest film from Teton Gravity Research. We have had tons of fun doing so and loved seeing the stoke in your faces as we’ve watched the new films with big lines and big-name talent all in world-class locations with huge budgets.

But, even though we’ve loved doing TGR, we’ve sought out other, more soulful films over the years and have found them to speak more to us than blaring hip-hop and crazier-than-life lines in remote locations. One such film is Immersion and in the mountain bike world, The Collective really nails it with soul, style and an actual story line. Ski porn is all fine and dandy for some, but it gets old.

Sweetgrass Productions: “Hand Cut” Ski Film Tour

I came across this film from Sweetgrass Productions, a Colorado-based film company that’s heavily focused on the mountain lifestyle (backcountry skiing, mountain life, cycling, etc.).  I first saw their short film, “Old Spokes“, last fall and now am stoked on “Hand Cut“. Check out the trailer below:

Looks like a great, soulful film that actually tells a story. If you’re in Colorado, don’t miss the world premiere in Aspen on September 12. If you’re here in Utah, it’s coming to Brewvies on October 16. View Tour Dates

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  1. I just got a copy of the DVD in the mail! I was stoked to pop it in the player and watch it. What a great, soulful film. It really feels a lot like Sinners… just a bunch of core skiers you’ve never heard of skiing their guts out in the backcountry. Loved it!

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