Introducing the Kastle MX108 Big Mountain Fat Ski


Back on the scene with the likes of Chris Davenport and Hugo Harrisson driving product development, Kastle Skis is introducing a new fattie for the upcoming season. Yeah, I know it’s June, but it’s never too early to bring on the stoke for the white stuff–even if I’m in singletrack mode right now.

Kastle skis are built rock-solid, but they do come with a hefty pricetag. It’s the price you’ve got to pay to play, I suppose. This is a no-nonsense big mountain ski that’s built to handle pow, crud and just about anything else you could throw their way. Available in fine ski shops this fall, look for the MX108 to garner some serious attention by those in the know. These sure are a far cry from my old Kastle RX-15 Actions from back in the day!

Kastle MX108 Details:

  • Lengths: 195, 187
  • Shovel: 130mm
  • Waist: 108mm
  • Tail: 120mm
  • Radius (195): 40 m
  • Radius (187): 31 m
  • Construction: Sandwich Sidewall
  • Core: Beech/Poplar
  • Sidewalls: ABS
  • Base: graphite sintered racing base; “Torpedo” structure
  • Technology: Double Hollowtech
  • Price: $1400 with Marker Griffon and $1500 with Marker Jester (yeah, did I say pricey?)

Kastle MX108 Fat Ski

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  1. Fat ski? At 108mm in the waist this is an all mountain powder ski at best. Beef up Kastle – 110 is where fat starts. I’m disappointed that Kastle is on a diet when it comes to waist widths. At least they have a 195cm ski for the big kids.

  2. Ha! Well, considering their widest ski was 98mm underfoot last year, 108mm is a step up! You’re right though, it isn’t as wide as some, but it’s right inline with most fat “all-mountain” skis are these days.

  3. I think the ski has 2 metal sheets in it, in the likes of Volkl Mantra/Katana. That 195 length is rad, graphics are fugly, where are the skis made???? Hugo is on Kastle, hope they listen to him and actually commercialize the skis he actually skis on so I can huck on them and bend the snot out of that metal too!

  4. If the construction of the MX108 is like the rest of the line (I’m sure it is), it will have a single 0.5mm titanal topsheet… not two layers of metal, but I’ll check.

    Yes, the graphics on these skis are a bit on the bland side, but I honestly don’t think there are very many skis on the market that have topsheets with what I would call “great” designs. Most are ugly or over the top in my opinion.

    They are made in Austria. If you huck your meat and abuse skis, sounds like you could bend just about any ski, not just Kastle’s.

    These look like solid skis, but as I’ve said, they are pricey. I’m confident they will be excellent performers in all conditions–even occasional hucks to flat. 🙂

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