I heard this morning that the Utah Highway Patrol and local residents are fed up with the lineup of cars that appears at the mouth of Little Cottonwod Canyon while the road is closed for avalanche control work. Apparently, the rowdy bunch that piles for miles down Wasatch Blvd. and Little Cottonwood Road does things like pee in people’s yards and leaves piles of trash behind. Admittedly, I’ve been a part of the former (hey, where else are you supposed to relieve yourself).

The details weren’t disclosed, but I’d guess that the roadblocks will be placed at the Wasatch Blvd. junction to the north and to the East on 9600 S. That’s really the only way they will be able to keep the hordes from piling up. Most likely, the UHP will not allow any brobrah-types to pass the roadblocks and they won’t put up with folks crowding other nearby streets.

Little Cottonwood Canyon Lineup

So, the big question is, where will you lineup now as you wait for the gate to drop to rally up to Alta and Snowbird on an epic powder day?

  1. Smith’s/Shopko parking lot off 9400 S and Highland Dr
  2. In some random neighborhood
  3. In your own driveway because you live close
  4. At the 7-Eleven at the mouth of Big Cottonwood

What will you do now that you can’t park on the road for an hour as you wait for the road to open?

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  1. The plan is exactly as I suspected, so where will all y’all lineup while waiting for the beloved text message to arrive?

    Now, instead of waiting, it will be like a shotgun start to see who can get up the canyon first.

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