DaKine has long been known for their high-quality gloves. With one-of-a-kind styling and advanced features, the variety of gloves in the lineup will make your head spin. I’ve recently been using the DaKine Blockade gloves in the backcountry and count the DaKine Bronco GT gloves as my “go-to” gloves for the past three years.

Though it’s always a challenge to one-up the previous year’s product lineup, DaKine welcomes an opportunity to add a new flare to the existing line and expand on top of it. With many talented skiers and snowboarders on the DaKine Pro Team, there’s not lack of creativity and design influence. I found a couple of styles that stood out to me.

DaKine Maverick Gloves – Pollard

These multi-colored leather gloves were inspired by DaKine skier, Eric Pollard. The Durafuse™ leather construction provides a supple feel and the design goes well with Eric’s signature Line Skis.  The zip-up cuff and Thermoloft™ insulation is great and all, but what caught my attention was the out-stitched finger construction. Honestly, I’ve never worn a pair of gloves with out-stitched fingers and sliding these on was like a dream–easily the most comfortable gloves I’ve slipped my hands into (sorry Dan Marino). The Maverick glove is available now, but the Eric Pollard signature style will not be available until Fall 2009.

DaKine Maverick Eric Pollard Signature Gloves

DaKine Eric Pollard Signature Gloves - Out-stitched Palms

DaKine Stingray Gloves

Utilizing a new construction method called X-TRAFIT™, DaKine and Gore-Tex have crafted the new Stingray gloves. The beauty of X-TRAFIT is that the shell, liner and insert are all fused together to prevent movement inside the glove. The result is a more reactive glove with added dexterity that’s impossible to flip inside-out. These gloves are available now with an MSRP of $95.

DaKine Stingray Gloves - Gore-tex X-TRAFIT

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