Seeing the need for functional, wearable and ever-stylish outerwear, TREW founders Tripp Frey, John Pew and Chris Pew (yup… brothers… twins actually, but not of the identical kind) set out on a mission.  As their life-long pursuit of powder entrenched each of them deeper and deeper into skiing, they put their collective heads together and decided to design a clothing line that rocked the park and pipe, slayed cliffs, booters and cornices and that could still perform in the backcountry–all in style.

TREW Gear Founders John and Chris Pew at Outdoor Retailer 2009

In their words, here’s the crux of the philosophy behind TREW:

The true rider keeps the sport in check and grounded to the ideals on which freeriding was founded: fun, powder and the natural energy of the mountains. Apparel designed for the true rider isn’t made just to attract attention or make a statement, nor does it attempt to measure up to the light-weight, Denali-bound, technical shells of prevalent mountaineering companies. Rather, apparel designed for the true rider fulfills the wide breadth of demands of today’s rider, capturing all aspects of mountain riding.

No longer must one rider purchase three different jackets to take him from the backcountry to the park or to the bar. TREW outerwear combines the technology of mountaineering shells with the comfort necessary for a full day on the mountain. This marriage of technology and comfort is then infused with a youthful and fun style to create outerwear that is TREWly unique to the industry.

The TREW crew has been touring the Western United States by RV, so be sure to check them out when the magic bus stops at your local hill. These guys are all great skiers with serious passion for the sport and their products. I wish them the best of luck in their endeavor.

TREW Cosmic Jacket

Built as the most streamlined jacket in the lineup, the Cosmic Jacket still features a generous fit that’s got articulated elbows (like all three jackets) and mosly solid colors. This unlined jacket feels comfortable to wear and is well-suited to all aspects of skiing.  Yeah, there are lighter jackets for backcountry purists (like myself), but this jacket can effectively take you from frontside to backside in style.  Three colors are offered with styling queues that will match any of the Eagle Pant or TREWth Bib’s color options. MSRP is $459 and will be available Fall 2009.

TREW Cosmic Jacket

TREW Eagle Pant

The Eagle Pant is a comfortable, durable ski pant that’s got some great styling queues and technical features all its own. First off, the front pockets give it a look like your favorite pair of jeans, but hidden behind the scenes is a waterproof zipper to keep the pow out of your pockets. It also features ventilation and cargo pockets.

TREW Eagle Pant

One of the most useful features of the Eagle Pant is the Superfabric® inner boot cuff and entire lower hem. This material is absolutely bomber and will withstand heavy boot bashing on the hill and cuff-dragging in the parking lot without falling apart. MSRP is $369.

TREW Gear Superfabric on the TREW Eagle Pant

The full lineup consists of the Cosmic, Pow-Funk and Bellows jackets and the Eagle Pant and TREWth Bib. If you want a single jacket/pant combo to rock anywhere on the hill, check out TREW and know that you’re supporting a rider-owned, North America-built company.

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