Local backcountry ski gear manufacturer, Voile, has been pushing out some solid skis as of late.  Last year, we got the Voile Asylum and Insane fatties that not only delivered float, but also came in svelte packaging to ease the uphill slog.  Now, taking things to the next level, Voile is introducing an entirely-new backcountry powder ski for Fall 2009… the Drifter.

2009 Voile Drifter Skis

Though I didn’t end up with an appointment at Voile, the Drifter caught my eye and pulled me in for an impromptu visit with the Voile crew. Since they are local to Salt Lake City, they are keen on skiing the deep snow and earning your turns in the Wasatch. The all-new Drifter looks like absolute money with all the right specs to take you through pow and crud with ease, but with enough sidecut to deliver a carved turn when needed.

Drifters will be available in three lengths (164, 178 & 192) with modified dimensions based on the ski length.  Waist widths can vary from 123 to 131 mm and turning radius varies from 17.4 to 18.2 m–so, these skis do have a bit of sidecut. But, what’s money about these skis is the rockered and tapered tip and tail that keeps you on top of the deep and powers you through the crud. All this in a respectable 6.75-9 lb. package. MSRP is a reasonable $625 and these should show up at shops in the Fall.

Voile Drifter Rockered Powder Skis - New for Fall 2009

Voile Drifter Rockered Powder Skis - New for Fall 2009

Buy Now: Find Voile Gear at Backcountry.com

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  1. I’m aware of the Justice. My concern with it is that the Megawatts are tanks, as are many of their smaller skis, so I’m guessing the Justice won’t be light. Zealots and even verdicts are significantly heavier than many other skis with similar dimensions. Kind of disappointing coming from a backcountry oriented company.

  2. I hear ya on the weight. I’ll ping them to find out weights. If you’re wanting something really light, then the new Bluehouse Maven Mini should be money. Bamboo cores make for lightweight skis.

  3. Just got word… the BD Justice in a 185 will be right around 9 lb. 2 oz. Yeah, a little heavier than equivalent length Drifters.

    Honestly, I don’t think you’ll notice the extra cm in the waist. It should only make the ski power through crud and float even better. The Drifters look money!

  4. Guess weight has to do with hardpack performance (in most cases). 2008 BD Zealots and Verdicts are known to rip the pack, the lighter weight K2 Coomba not quite so much.

    • Great point, Bert! I would agree and am guessing that the Drifter may struggle on hardpack, but it’s still got enough girth to power through stuff. I’m supposed to get my hands on a pair this Winter, so I’ll let you know if I do.

  5. I have been been on a pair of BD Zealots for the past 2 seasons. They do rip on the pack and through the powder and through the crud and you can even rip a line in the moguls with them. While they may be a slightly heavier ski they offer a lot of versatility and they put some extra girth on the thighs!

  6. what the deal with the bluehouse mini maven? is that a next years ski? its not on their website. Any info (dimensions etc)?

  7. The ski will be called the Maestro and will be about 117 underfoot with a rockered and tapered tip and tail. I skied the prototypes one day at Alta and absolutely loved them.

    They floated and powered through anything I threw their way. And, what’s really cool… they carved a great turn on the groomed.

    I don’t have much more detail than that, but I’ll see what I can dig up.

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