Well-known for their compression socks, sleeves and apparel, CEP has helped athletes worldwide maximize their potential. So, with their Progressive+ Merino ski socks, I set out to become the next Ted Ligety — well, sorta.

CEP Progressive+ Ski Merino Socks Features:

  • Premium Merino wool, polyamide and spandex construction
  • Optimized┬ácompression for skiing
  • Padding for extra on-hill comfort
  • Heat and moisture management
  • Extra-flat toe seam
  • Natural anti-bacterial properties
  • 67% Nylon (Polyamide), 23% Merino Wool, 10% Spandex
  • MSRP: $60s

CEP Progressive+ Ski Merino Socks

CEP socks for the slopes

Compression socks have been the norm in running and triathlon for quite some time. But, what about skiing? Obviously, the ski boot itself impedes some of the performance of a “compression” sock, but if anyone knows how to make a proper compression sock for skiing, my bets are on CEP.

The Progressive+ Merino ski socks offer a blend of natural and synthetic fibers for warmth and moisture management. A careful eye can’t help but admire the masterful knitting employed here. That clinic is the result of years of research and careful product design.

With just enough padding in the right places, blood flow is maximized and hence warmth and boot feel. We’ve all been there when your feet, inside your ski boots, might as well be blocks of ice. When that happens, all your mechanics break down and you can’t feel anything. Everything about these socks is built to mitigate that.

Dry and warm after a full day on the slopes.

Dry and warm after a full day on the slopes.

Starting with the proper blend of materials is key. Merino is slightly hydrophobic, but nylon is certainly hydrophobic and Spandex is used to maintain the socks shape and compression. So, the goal is to suck moisture away from your feet and upward out of the boot. Believe it or not, that actually happens — I’ve seen it in demonstrations.

So, CEP knows how to make compression socks, but how does that translate to the slopes? For starters, these socks simply feel great. Built with a dedicated right and left sock, the compression and padding is fantastically-placed. Your feet feel instantly cradled and are encouraged to be in the most natural and powerful position for maximum blood flow and boot feel.

These socks are really tall — almost to my knees — so keep that in mind. Once slipped into and buckled inside my boots, I could feel the cushioning and compression working in concert. So far, I’ve only used these socks on warmer days on the slopes, but I’ve had zero issues of numbness or cold toes while using the Progressive+ socks.

At $60, we’re not talking economical socks here, but it’s not like you need several pairs of ski socks and these will last many seasons.

The Good

  • Compression and padding you can feel
  • Great mixture of natural/synthetic fabrics
  • High-quality knit construction
  • Right/Left optimized

The Bad

  • A bit tall
  • Expensive for sure

The Bottom Line: CEP Progressive+ Merino Ski Socks

Since you don’t need a drawer full of ski socks, make the ones you have count. CEP knows a ton about compression gear, and it’s evident that that knowledge has translated into an amazing ski sock.

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