Even with all the latest-and-greatest fabric technology, the classic leather ski glove is always in style. And, When Dakine gets in cahoots with Gore-Tex and Primaloft, great things happen.

Dakine Kodiak Glove Features

  • Insert: Gore-Tex Waterproof / Breathable + Gore Grip technology
  • Insulation: Primaloft [ 230g ]
  • Lining: 360g Wool
  • Palm & Shell: Durable water repellent leather
  • Cuff Closure: slip on stretch to fit / adjustable Velcro
  • MSRP: $125

Dakine Kodiak Glove Review

Leather is where it’s at

I’ve always had a thing for leather ski gloves. Back in the day, I wore a pair of 80’s neon leather race gloves far longer than fashion dictated. Why? Well, because noting beats the feel of a full leather glove. Have a look at the dudes who keep the resorts safe and you’ll find every one of them wearing leather gloves — because they just plain work.

Even though I have a love affair for leather gloves, there are some drawbacks and Dakine has made the Kodiak gloves to tackle those issues one and for all. For starters, they have partnered with Gore-Tex and are utilizing Gore Grip technology to ensure every layer is bonded together for a cohesive feel and off-the-charts tactility. Insulation is handled by a combination of natural wool and Primaloft and the leather is specially-treated to be water-repellent. This package is the real deal.


In practice, every one of those features plays together nicely. After two full seasons of use, these remain my top gloves and are the ones I grab when heading to the slopes.

Slipping on the Kodiak’s is like butter. The wool lining is so soft next-to-skin and much cozier than any glove I own. Add on top of that the natural cut of the glove panels for an anatomic fit and my hands feel instantly at home. Warmth is excellent and weather protection has proven to be tops.

I will say that the mid-length cuff does pose some challenges. I’ve settled on the Patagonia Untracked Jacket as the perfect one-two punch since this cuff really works best under the sleeve. As such, the cuffs stay put and have kept the elements at bay.

They show no signs of wear and honestly, the tactility is about as good as it gets. When it comes time to adjusting my kid’s goggles, buckling boots, zipping things or anything else that I need to do (short of operating my iPhone), I can do with these gloves on. Kapow.

The Good

  • Best combination of natural leather and technology
  • Gore Grip makes the lining stay put for excellent tactility
  • Leather shows no signs of wear
  • Waterproof… period
  • True-to-size

The Bad

  • Bulky, mid-length cuff may not work well with all jackets

The Bottom Line: Dakine Kodiak Gloves

I can’t say how much I love these gloves enough. The amazing combination of Gore-Tex, Gore Grip, wool, Primaloft and water-resistant leather puts these in a class of their own at any price.

Buy Now: Available at Backcountry.com


The Verdict

9.3 Leather Bliss

When leather gets in bed with Gore-Tex and Primaloft, only good things happen. In this case, the Dakine Kodiak gloves remain my first choice for every day at the resort.

  • Warmth 9
  • Comfort 9
  • Tactility 9
  • Durability 10

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