Revision Skis, like many of the other smaller players in the ski market, has opened our eyes to the power of the global manufacturing market. Revision has a small, focused ski line that consists of five models with the Bodrum being the best “one ski quiver” of the bunch — at least for us in the West.

Revision Bodrum Features:

  • Sizes = 189cm, 179cm (tested), 169cm
  • Dimensions = 137-107-127 @ 179cm
  • Flex = 9
  • Tip rocker with camber underfoot
  • Screenprinted TPU Topsheets
  • Poplar/Bamboo Core
  • 1.6mm, Sintered, Die-Cut Bases
  • 2.2mm, Full Edge Wrap
  • Cap construction in the Tip/Tail with sandwich construction underfoot
  • Full-length carbon stringers with carbon in tip/tail for extra pop
  • MSRP: $599

A chalky, chunky day at Sundance.

The Bodrum blasts through anything

Revision Skis is the brainchild of Bill Wanrooy, who was one of the co-founders of Epic Planks. He’s doing things his way and has a small ski lineup that covers the meat of the market. With affordable prices and a direct-to-consumer business model, there’s plenty to be stoked about.

Late last season, I got ahold of a pair of Bodrum 179’s and have continued riding them into this season. Each size of Bodrum’s has size-specific geometry and the 179’s feature a 107 mm waist — perfect for all-mountain duty here in the West. These twin-tips also feature an early-rise tip with camber underfoot for a more traditional feel on the hill.

While I wish I was skiing powder all the time, sadly I’m not. So, when I’m not skiing powder, I like a versatile pair of skis that can handle anything I can throw their way. The Bodrum’s were mounted up with a pair of KneeBinding Carbon’s and I proceeded to do all my normal front side stuff.

That normal ski activity includes everything from skidding around with the kids to blasting through days-old chalk and everything in between. Happily, I’ve had a good time all over the mountain with these skis.

A little spring slush with the Bodrum’s at Alta.

With some skis, you have to get going pretty fast before they will talk to you — not so with the Bodrum’s. They are quite capable in slow-speed turns. But, when you crank the speed up to level 10, they are also very stable, comfortable and responsive. I can lay nice arcs all day on the groomed, then mix things up in moguls and finish up skidding around the kiddie park with the groms. I’d say that’s a great characteristic of an all-mountain ski.

Not everything is perfect here and you do have to realize that with these skis (at least the sample pair I have), the finish quality isn’t quite what you’d expect from one of the major brands. For starters, there was a millimeter or so gap between the base material and edges in a couple of spots. It seems as if the edges were not properly compressed together. Also, just in front of the rocker, the base has a concave section where the base material doesn’t flow smoothly. I’ll chalk those imperfections up to early-production hiccups and trust that they are remedied (I’ll report back on that).

Revision Bodrum 179 Review

Schuushing on spring slush at Alta.

Edge grip is excellent on ice, but I will warn you that you must stay on top of these skis or they can get a little hooky or not come around. Nice and smooth tip-to-tail pressure will yield a smooth arc, but if you get lazy in proper tip pressure on turn initiation, you may run into trouble. So, stay athletic and smooth and these will respond. That said, I’d recommend these for strong skiers who can truly drive them like they should be driven.

Elsewhere, the top sheets are holding up nicely. I’ll also add that they are a little heavier than other skis in this category, but excessively.

NOTE: The current model features a different topsheet and base graphics, but is structurally identical.

The Good

  • Great price point
  • Versatile shape
  • Can bust through crud and chop quite well
  • Good at slow and high speeds
  • Hold their own in the pow

The Bad

  • Construction quality needs improvement
  • Can get hooky if you don’t stay on top of them

The Bottom Line: Revision Bodrum 179

That elusive “one ski quiver” is a though nut to crack. With tons of skis to choose from, there are lighter and more versatile models on the market, but the Bodrum’s certainly come in at an excellent price and are built around a great shape for everyday fun.

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  1. Drew Westergaard on

    Yeah maybe their skis are alright, … if you can actually get what you pay for on time. Preordered a pair last August & still not here by late Feb. The’ve got zero customer service abilities; don’t respond to calls or emails. Had to get Visa involved with a dispute process, … and still no contact from Revision. Totally hopeless!

    • Sorry to hear about your experience with Revision. I know they have had some logistical challenges, but it sounds like it could be more widespread than I was led to believe. For your sake (and likely many others like you), I hope they get things straightened out soon.

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