I tend to be pretty picky when it comes to selecting backcountry skiing gloves. I really dig my DaKine Blockade Windstopper gloves, but when the weather turns, but you still want dexterity and breathability, I pull out other options. For the past few weeks, I’ve opted for are the Sierra Designs Transporter gloves. These are new gloves that will be available Fall 2011, so I’m setting the table well in advance.

Sierra Designs Transporter Gloves Features:

  • Waterproof/breathable softshell polyester and leather
  • Non-insulated design with light polyester fleece lining
  • Neoprene cuff with Velcro closure
  • Athletic fit
  • Out-stitched palms
  • Available Fall 2011
  • MSRP: $79

Sierra Designs Transporter Gloves Review

Just in time for a trip to the Tetons, my early peek at the Sierra Designs Transporter Gloves was heaven sent. Stashed away initially in my Osprey Kode 30 backcountry ski pack, they emerged when the weather turned and never left my hands. There’s something about a leather work glove that surpasses all other gloves — especially in the backcountry.

The first feature that makes the Transporter’s so great is the outstitched palms. If you haven’t worn a pair of outstitched leather gloves, just trust me… dexterity and overall fit always surpasses gloves with traditional construction. You get a much better feel and don’t have to do battle with the seams with every touch. I feel like I can easily grab zippers and perform many tasks while still wearing these gloves.

Adding to the list of good features is the padding on the back of the hand and on each finger. That comes in handy while bashing your way through whipper trees and does a great job of hand protection overall. Departing from leather, the back of the thumb is a light micro-suede material that’s great for wiping your nose (yeah, it’s kosher). And the neoprene cuff with a single Velcro closure keeps the weather out as best as it can for a shorter glove — it’s really a function of having the right jacket to make these weatherproof.

I wore them with my Backcountry.com Stoic shell and it maintained a solid weather barrier in heavy snow and wind. The gloves themselves aren’t insulated, but I found them to be plenty warm and they did a great job of fending off the elements. Since they aren’t lined with Gore-Tex, OutDry or eVent, they aren’t going to be waterproof, but they do seem to breathe well and have held up under abusive conditions.

I do wish they had a pull-on loop or tab to make it easier to pull them on — especially the 2nd glove. Other than that, I’m not finding much else to complain about.

Good Transporter

  • Excellent dexterity overall
  • Outstiched palms make for a great feel
  • Micro-suede patches on the back of the thumb is great for wiping noses
  • Padding comes in handy when doing battle with branches
  • Construction quality is superb

Bad Transporter

  • Could use a pull tab or loop for easier pull-on

Bottom Line: Sierra Designs Transporter Leather Gloves

I think Sierra Designs has done pretty darn well for their first full foray into the glove market. The Transporter’s will come your way in the Fall… keep an eye out for these comfortable and functional leather work gloves for active backcountry skiers, ski patrollers or anyone looking for a versatile leather snow glove.

More Info: Visit SierraDesigns.com

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  1. Any info on the rest of their 2011 lineup? I’d love to see a mitten built like this with some reasonable insulation and the neoprene cuff. Haven’t found the mitt to replace my old cloudveil chopper mitts yet.

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