It was after our third or fourth run while snowcat skiing at Powder Mountain that my friend Bruce looked over at me and said “wow, those look like some awesome goggles“. I looked at his old school Oakleys and it hit me that I had been enjoying the Spy Soldier Goggles for the past month without realizing that while I was stoked on the spherical blue spectra mirror lens in total comfort, others were just “getting by” like Bruce.

“Yea, they are pretty awesome. Wanna give them a try?” I responded. He quickly took me up on my offer.

It had been a number of years since I tried a Spy goggle and from what I remembered they neither fit my face (remember the HUGE wrap around Spy goggles of the mid 90’s?) nor did they stand out to me as anything special. Fact of the matter was, since being a Smith man for what seemed like a decade and then recently converting to Scott I didn’t really contemplate giving Spy a chance. Boy am I regretting that decision.

Review of the Spy Soldier Ski Goggle

Out of the package the Wall Street design that I have came with the bronze lens (pictured below) which like the blue flash lens is spherical. I didn’t even give it a chance as I knew that I would love the blue spectra, and I was right. That said, I was looking for a lens that would do it all and the extra cost of a blue spectra lens is well worth the investment.

I use a Giro 10 helmet and my fears of a wide wrap around goggle reminiscent of the 90’s was cooled as I put them on – perfect fit and VERY comfortable thanks to the fleece lined foam. Speaking of the foam, it’s thick enough that I don’t feel anything but softness but not too thick. Just sitting there in my gear room I suspected I had a winner in the Spy Solider and was anxious to try it out.

My first chance to ski them was at Solitude Mountain Resort in Big Cottonwood Resort. The conditions were ultra cold, windy, snowy and somewhat flat light due to the falling snow and low clouds. I thought the lens may be too dark for the day, but they were the money call. Bumps, rocks, even small terrain features that can throw you off in flat light were accentuated. We skied pretty hard that day and I didn’t experience any fogging.
Kendall Card with his Spy Soilder Goggles at Solitude

After a number of storm days (about 8) with the Solider, it was finally during the first week of February that I had the chance to ski them in a brilliant bluebird day while cat skiing at Powder Mountain as I mentioned before.  After Bruce commented on my goggles, I had pity on him and let him take them for a few runs.  He was instantly blown away and commented on how comfortable they felt (he was wearing a Smith helmet) but also how clear the lens was and how well he could see.  I donned my spare pair of goggles and realized exactly what he meant.


I let him rock them the rest of the day as his enthusiasm for the goggles had him talking them up to the rest of our group, a number of whom were the investors who bought Powder Mountain a couple of years ago. A couple of times during the ride up in the cat they were passing them around.

Since that day at Powder Mountain I’ve found myself exclusively reaching for the Spy while my other goggles are gathering dust.

This past Tuesday at Brighton where we were skiing 25″ of powder, they did start to fog up ever slightly in the corner.  I was a bit over dressed and after a dozen runs filled with faceshots and cliff drops, I think it was due in part to my overheating as well as the amount of snow built up on my helmet and face.

Aside from that experience, I really can’t find any faults with the Soldier.

Features of the Spy Soldier

  • Flexible frame that conforms to any face – even my big nose face
  • Patented scoop ventilation system to eliminate lens fogging
  • Low profile, spherical dual lens with anti-fog and anti-scratch protection
  • 100% UV protection
  • Triple layer Isotron face foam with moisture wicking dri-force fleece
  • Silicon ribbed goggle strap that WILL NOT MOVE on your helmet, a nice addition

Bottom Line: Spy Solider Ski Goggles

Like a good solider the Spy Soldier Ski Goggle is tough as nails, soft as Utah powder and is hard to find fault with. Comfortable, extremely good lens clarity, good looking low profile design, great helmet or hat fit and nearly flawless in the fog department – I’m pretty stoked.

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  1. I also own a pair and would replace them if lost. I live and Ski (2x a week) in Northern MN, and i can tell you these goggles excell where others fall flat. If you are thinking about it, Get Them!

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