For those of us who grew up reading Powder Magazine, there was a magical time for the publication and it lasted from 1987 to 1998 while Steve Casimiro was the Editor-in-Chief. Since that time, the magazine has continued on and done fairly well, but the Editor-in-Chief position has been a revolving door and with that, the content quality and vibe has ebbed and flowed.

I still really like Powder Magazine and it remains one of the two publications I still subscribe to (that and Bike). It still seems to be the best overall publication that speaks to me in the ski world. Ski and Skiing… I’m not going there… Freeskier… well, not going there either. The Ski Journal has promise, but it’s more of a coffee table book than a magazine.

Powder Magazine - I still miss Steve Casimiro's Intros!

I digress… back to the man, the legend, Steve Casimiro. The guy remains to this day one of the most inspiring writers I’ve ever followed. His intros to Powder Magazine over those 11 seasons always spoke to me and stuck with me. I can’t say that I remember any one in particular, but I do distinctly recall the feeling I had after reading them. It was a feeling of pure joy and an eagerness to get that next powder day or even just enjoying making turns on a crowded Saturday at Alta.

With Steve, skiing felt fun, inspired and full of passion. Now, thanks to some late night cut-and-paste sessions and a WordPress blog, we can all reference Steve’s entire collection of Powder Intros on Every intro from his tenure has been posted for all to see.

I was just reading through “Skiing the Way You Live Your Life” from the September 1990 issue and loved every word. I do live my life how I ski… calculated and methodical with a desire to find the less traveled path. And, I do have a hard time relating to folks who don’t ski or bike.

Click on over and re-discover the lost Intros from the man who will forever be known as the Editor-in-Chief of Powder Magazine in my book, Steve Casimiro.

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