For years the crew here at FeedTheHabit has been exclusively taking their feet to Surefoot for all their bootfitting. It’s not uncommon for us to hear people complain about their ski boots not fitting right or their feet hurting. For us, there’s just one solution – Surefoot. Over the years, we’ve gotten to know the crews at Surefoot at The Canyons Resort and at Park City Mountain Resort. We’ve recommended Surefoot to friends and family who’ve benefited from their handiwork.

If our feet ever talk back to us when we’re out on the hill, we’ll simply say, “I’ve got to take my feet to the spa” and it’s understood that we’re headed to Surefoot.

Guaranteed satisfaction is what Surefoot is all about. We’ve been satisfied for years. With a solid product, a cool crew of employees whose passion for skiing and fitting boots shows and a guarantee of satisfaction or your hard earned dollar back, it’s impossible for us to even consider taking our feet anywhere else.

Find your perfect ski boots at Surefoot.

To get the 411 on what Surefoot is all about, Kendall Card caught up with Ted Cobleigh, Manager/Partner of the Surefoot store at The Canyons. Here’s what he had to say.

What’s Surefoot’s philosophy on boot fitting?

Ted: Surefoot’s objective is that every boot we sell will be the absolute best fitting, best performing ski boot the customer has ever owned. The philosophy of the boot fit is based around the Surefoot Thotic which is neutrally supportive, and the basis for improved comfort and enhanced performance. Our goal is to match the shape of your foot with the proper shell, so that your foot is close to the shell yet comfortable.

The best way to achieve this is to use Surefoot’s injected foam liner which makes a cast mold of your foot in the boot. The Thotic, Liner and shell create a 360-degree fit unmatched by traditional boots. In addition we strive to provide the customer the very best level of service, expertise, and execution in each of our 20 stores. At Surefoot you will find a staff with an extraordinary degree of competence, and an honest desire to help make your skiing better and more comfortable. We love Skiing.

Why does someone need their ski boots custom fit?

Ted: Custom fit ski boots are desirable because every foot is different. Like a fingerprint, each foot is unique. Boots are built around generically shaped lasts with flat insoles. The custom fit boot supports the foot and ankle in its strongest position and can accommodate any foot shape. Aside from the obvious requirements of bunions, bone spurs and anklebones, some regular feet need love too. The boot is the interface between your body and the ski; so a properly fit custom boot maximizes your efficiency and helps you ski better with less effort.

Everyone needs their boots custom fit because of the radical forces put on the foot while skiing. The bottom line is that a plastic shoe needs adjustment to make it fit appropriately. Once it is fit to the subtle needs of the foot, it can click into any ski and make the most of it.

Do you only do ski boots?

Ted: We sell ski boots, orthotics, protective gear and custom-built Golf shoes at our resort stores, but our city stores carry a variety of footwear from running and hiking to Rollerblades. It is not just our ski boots that are used by some of the top skiers in the world; Surefoot Thotics have won gold and silver on the feet of Snowboarders as well.

Surefoot Thotics and Custom Golf Shoes are worn on the PGA Tour, and are used at the highest levels of sport, including the Tour de France, Major League Baseball and the NBA. Surefoot products are proven to make a difference.

Why does Surefoot stand above the rest? What makes you guys so good?

Ted: Surefoot stands above the rest because of our experience, training, and technology. We provide the customer the ultimate service and a complete satisfaction guarantee at all of our stores. With 22 years of experience fitting boots, we can confidently solve any boot problem. Our Thotic and foam liner is the most advanced product available and we are committed to perpetual improvement in the quality of products and service.

What are the most common misconceptions regarding custom footbeds?

Ted: The most common misconception is that they are all the same. This simply isn’t true. Most foot beds are heat molded and do not support the foot properly. Many have unnatural shapes and often they are not flat on the bottom. These molded products are an antiquated technology. Today we use a contour digitizer to map your foot while our technician aligns your Talus joint in neutral. The result is a Cad & Cam milled Orthotic that is a replica of your foot in a neutral stance. Just like a boxer would tape his wrist straight for a fight, we align your ankle joint in its strongest position.

When do I need a custom liner?

Ted: You might need a custom liner for a few reasons. They can replace worn out liners. They can improve the performance and comfort of your boot. They can accommodate special needs like high volume or low volume feet, or feet with bony protrusions. When do you need a foam liner? Yesterday.

Take me from A to Z with regards to the process I’ll go through after I walk through your door?

Ted: We have a three-step process; first we scan your foot and build a Thotic. Next we assess your build and skier type and pick the right shell for your foot. Ideally we then foam the boot and install a rechargeable heater. Otherwise we bring out a couple boots and put a different boot on each foot until we get as close as possible to a good fit out of the box. We then modify the shell to fit you better, and turn you loose on the hill. Before you leave we open a warranty and shipping file so that you can order golf shoes and Thotics on line.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve encountered working on people’s feet?

Ted: I once found a pair of pliers under someone’s liner, and another time I found a bottle opener.

How do you stand the stinky feet?

Ted: Most people’s feet don’t stink if they wear clean socks each day. I admit that come spring things change a bit, especially with the pro’s boots. We do have latex gloves for the wet and nasty ones.

Seen any really strange feet/toes?

Ted: I have scanned a guy with six toes on each foot, and I have done some radical work for deformed feet. I once fit a car crash victim who hadn’t skied in 30 years. His kids love me now because their dad can ski with them. There are piles of special needs feet out their on the hill because of our guys, people who thought they would never be able to ski again. Those are the most fun and rewarding times for me, when a customer can finally ski and not be in agony, it makes all the work worth it. As Steve Owen at Surefoot PCMR would say, “I Fear No Foot.”

Prices? (please note these are subject to change)

Ted: The Surefoot Thotic is $185.
Our Boots prices vary from about $300 – $775
Last years products are 30-50% off.
The Surefoot boot which includes the shell, liner, and Thotic is $815, $905,or $995 depending on performance level. (US$).
360-Degree Golf Shoes $390 & $410 w/ Thotic

To see Ted in action, visit Surefoot at The Canyons Resort. If you have questions contact Ted by e-mail or phone:

e-mail: canyons AT surefoot D0T com

phone: 435-615-2218

To find a Surefoot near you or near your next ski vacation, visit

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  1. Do you have a store in Southern California? If not do I need to come to Park City to buy your boots? If so is it an on the spot purchase and use of the boots or does it take a day or two to get the boots??

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  3. Do I have to buy the whole ski boot. I have a newer boot but would like to take advantage of the liner and custom fit??

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  5. I just got back from another trip to Surefoot. This time I left with a pair of Lange Banshee 120’s decked out with Surefoot’s new full-foam Contoura liners. These things fit like a glove, but still have plenty of wiggle room for the toesies to stretch and maintain warmth. I’m excited to see how they perform against my 8-yr-old Head World Cup’s they are replacing. I’m guessing just dandy!

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  8. Liz McLoughlin on

    Hi I’m getting to Park city 6th January and I’m coming in to buy boots could you tell me how far off main st you are and how long will it take to get them fitted?
    cheers Liz

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