Surface Skis and apparel designer, FairEnds are collaborating on limited-edition versions of some of their most popular skis: One Time, Life Life and My Life (for the ladies). The two companies are certainly like-minded with simplicity and style at the core, so it’s fun to see what a little brainstorming can produce. With target runs of 50 per product, these skis will be sold direct-to-consumer at and will be available in September.

You may recall that this is not the first collaboration for Surface. They have collaborated with Skullcandy several times in the past and they design their Save Life skis exclusively for the National Ski Patrol. But, this represents a unique market and opportunity for Surface to showcase their skis alongside the hip FairEnds brand. As such, the designs are clean, simple and fun.

2014/15 FairEnds Collection

Shown L-R: FairEnds Live Life, FairEnds One Life and FairEnds My Life

Shown L-R: FairEnds Live Life, One Life and My Life (for the ladies)

FairEnds Live Life

  • Lengths: 171, 181 and 191
  • Dimensions: 133/100/122 (171), 146/110/130 (181) and 156/120/135 (191)
  • Features: Hybrid construction with early rise tip/tail and camber

FairEnds One Life

  • Lengths: 173 and 183
  • Dimensions: 138/96/138 (173) and 138/109/138 (183)
  • Features: 3 Stage Rocker and symmetrical shape

FairEnds My Life

  • Lengths: 160 and 170
  • Dimensions: 133/100/122
  • Features: Hybrid construction with early-rise tip/tail and camber

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