Sporting a spy-like name, the Swany X-Claim SX-42 gloves are loaded with tons of features and come in at a palatable price point. As my first pair of Swany’s, I’m pretty impressed.

Swany X-Claim SX-42 Gloves Features:

  • Shell: Stretch 5000 ET with oasis ripstop
  • LeatherShield
  • Tri-plex insulation system
  • Dryfinger II insert
  • SwanyDry lining
  • Utility heat pocket
  • Goggle wiper
  • Neoprene cuff
  • Available in Men’s and Women’s
  • Colors: Black, Black/Espresso (tested), Dark Grey/Light Grey, White/Espresso, White/Light Blue
  • MSRP: $85

Swany X-Claim SX-42 Ski Gloves Review

These gloves are loaded. While I’ve worn my fair share of gloves in my day, the Swany X-Claim SX-42 sports more features than most, but all the bells-and-whistles thankfully didn’t push these gloves over the limits of function. The first thing I notice about the SX-42’s is their dexterity. While they are definitely not a low-profile ski glove, they do have better-than-average dexterity and feel.

That excellent dexterity is due to the combination of materials that make up the palm and fingers. It’s a combination of LeatherShield on the finger tips and side panels with the remainder made out of digitized PU and FlexShield woven softshell. On paper, it looks like a hodgepodge of materials that would be a recipe for disaster, but it works well together.

To keep you from dropping them while on the chairlift, the SX-42’s come with removable wrist leashes. I appreciated the ability to remove the gloves and not worry about hanging onto them. Additionally, I love the simple glove pull loop. It sure makes it easier to put these gloves on.

As a shorter-length glove, just keep in mind that you’ll need a jacket with wide enough cuffs to keep the junk out. Some of my jackets stayed put better than others. So, make sure your jacket’s cuffs are large in diameter and that you’ve got enough sleeve length to keep things in place. Durability has been superb thus far with only minor signs of wear.

Good X-Claim SX-42

  • Feature-packed with usable features
  • Excellent overall dexterity
  • The combination of materials feels comfortable
  • Pull-on loop is money — especially when putting on the 2nd glove
  • Fits true-to-size
  • Has been absolutely waterproof

Bad X-Claim SX-42

  • Finger tips did get a little cold on the coldest days
  • Could be difficult to find

Bottom Line: Swany X-Claim SX-42 Ski Gloves

The Swany X-Claim SX-42 ski gloves have a lot to offer. Dexterity alone may very well be the best feature of these gloves, but the whole package is a great value and a comfortable, versatile ski glove.

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