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I’ve been a subscriber to POWDER Magazine for 18+ years now and have always considered it to be the best ski magazine on the market. Ski, Ski Country, Skiing, Freeze, Freeskier, Mountain Living and the like have always left me unfulfilled. The poor mixture of advertorial and/or low-brow content has turned me off many times. In fact, I’ve turned down several free subscriptions to Freeskier because it simply doesn’t appeal to me.

Last season, I got my hands on the premiere issue of The Ski Journal and spent some time thumbing through its pages. “Ahh… I thought. This is the type of ski magazine that I can read time and time again.” It wasn’t filled with the latest-and-greatest gear, nor was it filled with all kinds of bro-brah speak. It was a magazine produced by skiers for skiers of all types.

The Ski Journal

Filled with soulful articles and excellent photography, The Ski Journal is one of the finest ski publications I’ve read.

In the latest issue, it features an article by Tim Cartwright who contributes to from time-to-time. It also features the photography of our good friend, Erik Seo. Finally, a ski magazine that you can relate with and that isn’t filled with all that bro-brah speak.

Not only does The Ski Journal have great trip reports, they also have in-depth profile articles of some of the skiers and companies who have influenced the sport. The history of Hexcel Skis was particularly interesting as I found out more about this popular ski brand of the 70’s and 80’s.

I’ve read this issue nearly cover-to-cover at this point and love the quality of content and the high-quality materials used in its production.

Check out the latest issue of The Ski Journal online and subscribe to enjoy the magazine in the comfort of your own home or office.

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