Leading up to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, the U.S. Ski Team is amped for a killer year. With Lindsey Vonn continuing her dominance on the hill and the other team members not far behind, this could be a great Olympics for our team.

Along for the ride through training camps to the first World Cup event in Sölden, Austria is renowned filmmaker Brett Morgen–capturing the heart and soul of the athletes, competition, training and adventures leading up to the Olympics. I’m psyched to see it and anxious for our team’s performance at this year’s Olympics. The first air date will be January 30, 2010 at 8:00 EST on NBC, with other airings to follow.

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Truth in Motion: U.S. Ski Team’s Road to Vancouver – Trailer

Ted Ligety Downhill Segment

More Info About the Film

Truth in Motion: The U.S. Ski Team’s road to Vancouver is a film about what it takes to excel as a world class skier. Raw talent. Technical skill. The persistence to train hard, every day. The sheer will. The men and women on the U.S. Ski team have it, but do they have what it takes to make it to Vancouver in 2010?

Entrenched with the skiers during the crucial months leading up to the start of their competition season, the film is a rare look inside – intimate and candid, in a way rarely if ever seen in film about skiing.

From snow camp in Portillo, Chile and Saas Fee, Switzerland, to the final days leading up the start of the World Cup competition in Sölden, Austria, we’re there as they face the sub-zero dawn, as they review videotape of training runs with coaches, scrutinizing every turn and tuck. We’re in the basement with expert ski techs as they grind edges and apply wax, tweaking equipment for every conceivable condition, then tweaking further when their skier returns from a run.

Each racer emerges with something unique that drives them – trying to repeat an early success to prove their talent; returning from injury, or even making the cut for the team that will head to Vancouver in a competitive year.

In a sport where hundredths of a second determine the difference between a gold medal and no medal, their training season is about pushing the limits of their bodies and their technology. The filmmaking approach conveys this with progressive camera techniques, like ultra slow motion cameras that literally stop time, allowing us to see every millisecond of force and exertion as these skiers carve corners and push their bodies to breaking point.

Truth in Motion: The U.S. Ski Team’s road to Vancouver takes us into the day-to-day process and reveals what makes these racers tick and gives them their competitive edge. Ultimately, it’s a story about individuals, driven by personal motives, propelled by individual talents and challenged in ways that are uniquely human.

More Info: Visit www.AudiUSA.com/TruthinMotion

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    The film gave us a realistic feeling of what the US Alpine Ski Team racers endure, the respect of the great outdoors, friendship and the love for ski racing.

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