GBDURO 2019: Lachlan Mortan Takes Us Along


EF Education First Pro Cycling announced that for 2019 they would have an “alternative” racing schedule. We didn’t know exactly what that would entail, but as the year has progressed, we’ve seen riders in the Dirty Kanza, Crusher in the Tushar and even the GBDURO. What is the GBDURO, you ask? Well, it’s a race of the entire length of the UK from south to north, covering 2,000km using the most remote “roads” on the map. When I heard that Lachlan Morton was racing, I knew it would be good.

My first real experience with Lachlan was when he took the whole Tour of Utah field by surprise in 2016 when he solo’d for the win over the Mt Nebo Loop, then took the overall win against an impressive field. But, in 2014, he took a year off from the demands of European racing and instead re-discovered his soul riding 2500km halfway across Australia with his brother in just 12 days.

GBDURO would be a similar soul-searching adventure — one that shows the raw emotion of one of the most adventurous riders in the WorldTour. In the end, Lachlan would take the GBDURO 2019 checkered-flag but the journey? Well, the journey is quite the tale to tell.

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