The Whole Enchilada in Video


Moab is best-known for it’s iconic slickrock trails. But, unforgiving red rock is only part of what makes Moab a mountain biking Mecca. High above the desert, the La Sal Mountains loom with thick forests, beautiful, high-altitude glades, tacky singletrack, flowing rivers and also serve as the starting point for one of the most iconic rides in the world — The Whole Enchilada.

The specs of The Whole Enchilada are impressive:

  • Length: 27.5 miles
  • Total Ascent: 2200 ft
  • Total Descent: 8000 ft
  • Starting Elevation: 11,150

And, while The Whole Enchilada should be on all of our collective bucket lists, this is the first time that anyone has spent an entire week shooting, re-shooting and capturing the essence of this iconic ride. Kudos to Kevin Winzeler (a good friend) for delivering such an inspiring piece and thanks to ENVE Composites for supporting the project.

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