Most of the time, I tend to trail run in the Winter without gloves. Well, unless it’s really cold. In that case, I typically opt for the Dakine Blockade Windstopper gloves. But, when it’s not quite cold enough, I usually just go with a base layer or jacket that has thumb ports to give me that half-glove feel. That seemed fine and dandy until I saw the 180s Ultralite CRG running gloves with their versatile, weatherproof hand covers. Did I also mention they are built with TecTouch inserts so you can use your smartphone without removing them? Lets see how all those features panned out.

180s Ultralite CRG Gloves Features:

  • Tec Touch™ pods on the index finger and thumb allow you to operate your iPod®, iPhone® or other touch screen device without removing your gloves.
  • Retractable, wind resistant/water resistant polyester hood offers on-demand weather protection. Use the hood to block wind during your runs-and conveniently tuck it away in the back of the hand when you don’t need it.
  • Mesh palm maximizes circulation and venting management during aerobic workouts.
  • Soft terry cloth fabric on the back of the hand lets you quickly and easily wipe away sweat during your workout.
  • Low-light reflective piping keeps you safe and visible during early morning or dusk workouts.
  • MSRP: $25

180s Ultralite CRG Running Gloves Review

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been able to slip out on some decent trail runs. The weather has been in the low 40’s and some of the South-facing trails have thawed  and dried just enough for some actual dirt time. Right about that same time, I received a pair of the 180s Ultralite CRG running gloves in for review.

The Ultralite CRG’s are essentially a nice lightweight pair of breathable running gloves with a deployable weatherproof finger sleeve. They are also outfitted with TecTouch inserts in the tips of the index and thumb to allow for basic touchscreen use without taking them off.

Slipping them on, the size Large fits true-to-size and the feel of the glove is nice and comfortable. The mixture of mesh materials on the palms and fingers keeps the cold at bay yet remains extremely breathable. When the wind kicks in or the temps drop, the deployable finger hood really ups the ante in warmth and weather protection. Slipping it on mid-run instantly warms the fingers.

With the hood in place, dexterity is a little compromised, but it’s easy to slip off the hood should you need the full use of your digits. Speaking of dexterity, the TecTouch inserts are an interesting technology. I recently gave the OR Sensor and Ambit gloves the nod as one of my top 5 products at Outdoor Retailer, so I was particularly interested to see how the TecTouch inserts would fare in the CRG’s.

My first attempt to use my touchscreen was awful really. I fiddled and fiddled and finally just took my gloves off to interact with my iPhone (strike one). I then tried more tricks and adjusted the placement of my finger or thumb within the glove to see if it would work better. It did improve, but still proved quite problematic (strike two). Subsequently, I’ve tried to master it indoors sitting on the couch. I’ve gotten better, but it’s still not very reliable for most tasks. Browsing apps and checking email is acceptable, but forget about sending a text or email as the keyboard function is sketchy at best.

Good CRG Gloves

  • Swiss Army-like versatility
  • Wind and water-resistant hood keeps the elements at bay
  • Lots of terry cloth for wiping sweat, snot, etc.
  • Ventilation when needed
  • Can tuck the hoods away in a nifty storage pocket
  • Reflective piping an added bonus

Bad CRG Gloves

  • TecTouch didn’t really live up to my expectations, but should improve with use
  • Sensors make gripping and grabbing a little awkward

Bottom Line: 180s Ultralite CRG Running Gloves

Let me separate my thoughts on the gloves from the TecTouch inserts. The gloves themselves are phenomenal. I love the comfortable mesh fabrics and the deployable and stashable finger hoods. Fabric quality is superb and overall function of the gloves are great. The TecTouch inserts are a little more gimmicky than I had hoped and were kind of a hassle that didn’t work well for me.

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