Proper layering is essential to cold-weather cycling. While we’re well on our way out of cold-weather riding, the Castelli Uno Plasma base layer can still be tapped into on cold mornings.

Castelli Uno Plasma LS Base Layer Features:

  • Nano Plasma fabric to speed moisture management
  • Minimal seams for added comfort
  • Provides a layer of air next-to-skin for maximum evaporation
  • MSRP: $59.99

Castelli Uno Plasma LS Base Layer Review

When layering up for a cold-weather ride, it’s always important to start with a great base layer. That base layer may not always be just a jersey or a long-sleeve jersey. In my case, I’ve been starting my layering with the Castelli Uno Plasma LS. While I’m typically a Merino snob, the Uno Plasma’s polyester fabric quickly won me over with its amazing wicking properties.

I’ve worn this in combination with the Castelli Espresso Due Jacket on freezing cold days and underneath a jersey and vest on cold days. Without question, the Uno Plasma wicks moisture and keeps me comfortable. Of particular importance is just how well this breathes as it relates to the performance of your outerwear. With the Espresso Due, you naturally get great breathability, but with a shell (like the Sugoi Majik Shell), you have to be more judicious on your base layer of choice. I can honestly say that the Uno Plasma increased the breathability of the Majik Shell jacket by optimizing moisture transfer.

Not only does the Uno Plasma help breathability and moisture management, it also feels extremely comfortable next-to-skin. I found the sleeve length to be perfect, but I did find that completely disregarding the drying instructions (you should let it drip dry) has allowed mine to shrink a little more than I’d like. Lets just say that a bare midriff is not a great thing in a base layer. Luckily, I wear bibs, so it’s not that big of a deal, but it is still annoying when I wear it for cold MTB rides.

Note to self: Get another Uno Plasma and don’t just toss it in with the regular load of laundry at the house.

Good Uno Plasma

  • Really comfortable next to the skin
  • In spite of being synthetic, I really like it
  • Excellent warmth and moisture management
  • When layered, it’s great for cold temps (low 30’s) and cool temps (40-50’s)

Bad Uno Plasma

  • Could be a couple inches longer in length — especially after a few washes
  • Gotta follow washing/drying instructions (see bad #1 above)

Bottom Line: Castelli Uno Plasma LS Base Layer

A great cycling base layer can be hard to find and the Uno Plasma is highly-breathable and comfortable next-to-skin. Just follow the drying instructions and you’ll be golden.

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