Last Summer, I had the chance to ride my first titanium bike — the Moots Vamoots RSL. One ride was all it took to be sold on titanium and Moots. The only problem is I don’t have the coin to hop aboard one as my daily driver. Like you, I can always dream. Taking that dream to the dirt, Moots has recently announced the release of an all-new full-suspension platform for 2012.

The new Moots MX Divide full-suspension bike is available in both 26 and 29-inch flavors and features the Sotto Group-designed Fusion Link Suspension design. The co-development of the Fusion Link took several years. Rob Mitchell, President of Moots Cycles said the following:

“We co-developed the Fusion Link Suspension System with the Sotto Group specifically to balance overall stiffness and ride quality for 29” and 26” wheeled cross country bikes. We’ve incorporated numerous features from our RSL frames to create cross country bikes that excel equally well whether climbing, descending or accelerating over mixed trail conditions. We’re excited to move titanium full suspension forward.”

Titanium mountain bikes are not all that common and titanium full-suspension mountain bikes are even more rare. Here are a few features of the Fusion Link Suspension:

  • Fusion Swing Link: formed out of carbon fiber to be light, stiff and clean, this provides the connection between seat stays, frame and shock.
  • 7/8” titanium seat stays: ovalized and shaped for strength, stiffness and clearance with sculpted bearing points on each end (designed and machined in-house).
  • Fox RP-23 Kashima Shock: Fox’s top of the line rear shock provides minimal friction during shock compression and rebound.
  • Lower pivot design and placement: the pivot is located low on the seat post, specifically placed for 26” and 29” sized wheels respectively, works in conjunction with the Fusion Swing Link and RP-23 for a plush ride. Oversized bearings at pivot locations provide durability and require little maintenance.

The rear-end is matched to 100mm front forks for XC performance that’s still trail-capable. If you’re looking at getting into a Moots MX Divide 29er, it will set you back a lot of money, but you knew that. Expect frame-only prices to be north of $4000 (price TBA).

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  1. This is a little off, but I was wondering if you have had a chance to try an Al tallboy yet. I understand there will be some weight penalties I was just wondering if the aluminum version would give up stiffness or if there are any geometry tweaks that would make it different than the carbon version. I really want a tallboy and the aluminum version is much more cost friendly than the carbon version. Just wondering what your thoughts are?

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