Goggles… check! Gloves… check! Boots… check! Helmet… check? Any hesitation there?  If there is, it’s time to stop fooling around and get yourself a lid for the slopes. Especially given the recent death of Natasha Richardson (who wasn’t wearing a helmet), how many reminders do we all need before picking up a helmet?

Ski helmets have been around for a long time now and with all the colors, styles and fits, there’s absolutely no excuse not to wear one. Lets talk about Swedish helmet and protective gear maker, POC Sports. Sweden is well-known for their fanaticism towards safety–think Volvo cars with all the airbags, ABS, etc.–and POC is no exception. Their helmets and protective wear are well-engineered with the goal of preventing serious injury.

POC Skull Light Helmet Review

About the POC Skull Light Ski Helmet

The POC Skull Light is built with more coverage than most convertible helmets, but still offers the flexibility of removable ear pieces for warm spring days. Construction consists of a semi-hard shell exterior (rubbery to the touch) that varies from 0.9 mm to 1.5 mm in thickness as needed, an EPS foam core and lined with LD foam padding that can be easily removed for cleaning.

POC’s mission is pretty straightforward:

“It’s our mission to do everything we can to develop protective gear that can save lives and reduce the severity of injuries.”

That said, there are many helmets on the market, but none that I’m aware of that go through the rigors and attention to detail of POC’s R&D and testing process. If you’re looking for a Volvo for your head, take a look at POC helmets.

Highlights of the POC Skull Light Helmet:

  • Semi-hard shell exterior
  • Air flow ventilation system
  • Removable ear pieces
  • Rubbery goggle strap area (no clip)
  • Colors: Grey (tested), Brown, Cream and Blue
  • Closed-cell EPS foam core
  • Weight:
  • Sizes: S (53-54cm), M (55-56cm), L (57-58cm) and XL (59-60cm)
  • MSRP: $140
POC Skull Light Helmet - Top of Peak 10420

POC Skull Light Helmet – Top of Peak 10420

POC Skull Light Helmet Review

Looking over the Skull Light, there’s no question that POC pays attention to all the little things that go into high-quality and safe products. The finish of the helmet is solid and the soft, rubber-like feel of the shell is different than other shells on the market.

Goggle fit with either Smith I/O or Haber Vision Highline ski goggles was superb with no real gaps to speak of (i.e. no frozen forehead gap). I was a little leary because the Skull Light doesn’t have a rear goggle strap, but it seemed to stay in place well–though I’d still like to see one just in case. There is a contact area for the strap with a ridge to prevent slippage, but I’d guess in a high-quality yard sale, the strap could let loose.

I was a little lost on the sizing of the helmets. Surprisingly, my typically Medium-sized head (Smith helmets) needed an XL in the Skull Light.  So, word to the wise, try this helmet on before purchasing.

Once I got the fit right, this helmet fits more comfortably than any other helmet I’ve worn.  It instantly conforms to the contours of my head and stays comfortable all day long.  Some earpads squeeze your ears, but these have a nice open area for your ears, thus preventing the painful end-of-day squished ear syndrome.

The front vents are nice to have and do provide some cooling, but on a warm day or hiking up a bootpack, it doesn’t ventilate quite enough.  But, for most people spinning laps inbounds, it should provide the perfect amount of ventilation to keep things comfortable.

The Good

  • Quality construction
  • Volvo-like protection for your head
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Fits well with a variety of goggles

The Bad

  • Sizing seems small… I’m no XL, but I am in this lid
  • Vents are good, but not adequate for high-output activity
  • No goggle clip

The Bottom Line: POC Skull Light Helmet

POC is dedicated to skier safety and the Skull Light is one of the safest helmets on the market. Its ultra-comfortable fit and simple design make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for subtle style and lasting comfort.

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  1. I love the look of POC gear. To me, POC helmets seem to fit very similar to Smith but very different from Boeri. Boeri is more of a bowl-shaped feel to me, and Smith and POC are more oval front-to-back in my experience. But you’re right — though the POC fit seems to be similar to the Smith head-shape, the sizing does appear to run a bit smaller than Smith.

    Personally I would almost always prefer a helmet with a goggle clip, because when I have a yard sale I’m going to want them strapped to my lid. But I don’t know if that would be a deal-killer necessarily. And I think POC makes other helmets that do have goggle clips.

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  3. Used to wear the R.E.D Avid (burton). But this helmet fits more comfortable, and looks great. Use to wear size L (58 cm.). Now I do need XL (59-60 cm). The earpads are removable during warm days.

    The helmet was delivered within goggle clip!!

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