You know you’re getting old when you start looking for more comfortable grips. Either that or you’re just getting smarter. I much prefer smarter and think that the Ergon GX1 grips do make me feel smarter and more comfortable on the bike to boot.

Ergon GX1 Grips Features:

  • Compact grip body for fast hand position changes
  • Lightweight aluminum clamp
  • Slim, flat ergonomic wing
  • Low-density, lightweight rubber
  • Colors: Black, Ergon Green, White
  • MSRP: $39

Ergon GX1 MTB Grips Review

I’ve long been a fan of clamp-on grips and once swore allegiance to ODI’s Lock-on designs. Well, it took a few years, but the rest of the grip manufacturers have finally taken notice and come out with their own clamp designs. Last year, I decided to try the Ergon GX1 grips and have become a huge fan in the process.

At first, I thought that the wing design would be awkward and funky. But, it didn’t take long to get used to the comfort of the design. On long rides, I would often get numb hands. With the GX1’s that numbness isn’t eliminated, but it has been significantly reduced. I’ve found that the wide palm platform really spreads out the trail chatter — greatly reducing hand fatigue.

On technical descents, I’ve had zero issues being able to move my hands around the grips as I switch from carving down singletrack to shifting and braking. The grip design feels natural and doesn’t inhibit my vibe.

When it comes to swapping out bars and such, the clamp design not only keeps the grips in place, but allows you to remove them in a jiffy.

Good GX1

  • Surprisingly, the grip doesn’t feel awkward in technical terrain
  • Wide platform spreads out trail chatter
  • Easy on and off
  • Clamp keeps the grips locked in place

Bad GX1

  • Some may not like the winged design
  • Pretty expensive

Bottom Line: Ergon GX1 Grips

If you’re looking for added comfort for all-day rides, my personal choice are the Ergon GX1 grips. You’ll definitely reduce numbness while still allowing you to quickly move your hands around in critical situations.

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  1. I have (had) similar issues with my hands. I have switched to raceface strafe (bigger grip) and cane creek bar ends and I now have lots of hand positions and total comfort. Worth the weight and price in gold for me.

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