After several years of R&D, Niner Bikes has done what others have said couldn’t be done… build a long-travel 29er mountain bike. I’ve heard from many other companies that 4-inches is about the max you could get out of a 29er platform because of the sheer wheel size, chainstay length issues and the complexities of swinging 29-inch wheels around a sturdy suspension design. Well… Niner has done it with the new Niner WFO 9 that will launch in Spring 2009.

Niner had already bucked the trend by giving the RIP 9 4.5-inches of travel, but the WFO 9 blows that away with 6.5-inches of squishy squish. Two rear hub spacing options are offered:  135mm spacing is for a standard hub while the 150mm spacing version will be built with the Maxle 12mm thru-axle design for added stiffness. To complement the rear-end’s stiffness, the head tube will utilize the new 1-1/8 / 1.5 tapered design.

Look for the WFO in stores this Spring with a respectable pricetag of $1899 for the 135mm and $2099 for the 150mm option.

If you want to learn more about the development process behind the WFO, check out the following PDF from Niner explaining the years of R&D:

Pictures of the 2009 Niner WFO 9 29er

2009 Niner WFO 9 Long-travel 29er

2009 Niner WFO 9 Long-travel 29er

2009 Niner WFO 9 Long-travel 29er

2009 Niner WFO 9 Long-travel 29er

2009 Niner WFO 9 Long-travel 29er

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  1. First I wanted to say thanks for the look on the WFO, It is definately on my gotta get list. But I think there is a descrepincy in the rear travel. The WFO will have ~6.5″ of travel in the rear. The option for 135/150 is in rear wheel hub spacing.

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