After only three years in business, POC is already making a huge name for themselves in the ski helmet and protective ski gear market. Their designs are known to be tops on the market for safety with amazing engineering and simple styling.

For 2009, POC takes their schtick to the bike market where the consequences for falling can be equally if not more life-threatening. The new POC Wheels lineup features three helmet designs, protective gear, goggles and outerwear. Again, the designs are simple-looking, but extremely high-tech and will likely be the best protection money can buy. They won’t come cheap, but if you’ve spent a lifetime putting stuff in your brain and enjoying your lifestyle, it’s hard to put a price on safety, right? Here are a few products in the 2009 POC Wheels lineup.

POC Wheels Cortex DH and Cortex Flow Full-face Helmets

For the freeride and DH crowd, the POC Cortex DH and Flow offer the most advanced full-face protection on the market today. The DH utilizies a carbon-fiber shell while the more-ventilated Flow uses a slightly-heaver but more durable fiberglass shell. Both POC helmet designs offer ventilation and legendary POC protection.

POC Wheels Receptor+ and Receptor Flow Helmets

These designs are the classic BMX, slopestyle or pipe design with POC’s protective flavor. The Receptor+ is a multi-discipline lid with the ability to go from snow, skate, bike and water utilizing various water and snow-friendly earpieces and EVA pads.

The Receptor Flow is a bike-specific helmet built with ventilation in mind. This lid offers a lower profile design and the highest level of protection money can buy.

POC Wheels Protective Body Armor

The Spine VPD Body Armor line was awarded the Eurobike/IF Award in September for it’s innovation and high level of protection for athletes pushing it on DH courses in the park and anywhere they are getting after it on wheels.

The POC Spine VPD Armor line, has evolved from a new Polymer compound and technology: Visco Elastic Polymer Dough©. The material which is highly shock absorbing, works progressively. It is extremely ergonomic, soft and adaptive when worn, just like dough, while it stiffens when stressed. The protective properties are amazing and exceeds the required CE-standards by more than 50% and therefore reach the highest safety standard CE 1621-2 motorcycle standard.

The full line of protective body armor consists of the Spine Adaptive Tee, Spine Vest and Shorts, Spine Ergo Flow spine protection and leg/arm body armor. If you’re pushing it hard enough to need body armor, POC should be tops on your list.

POC Wheels Goggles, Gloves, Clothing and Accessories

To round out the 2009 POC Wheels collection, POC is also introducing bike-specific goggles, DH and freeride gloves, jerseys, shorts and casual wear.

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