Ryders Eyewear Sonnet Sunglasses Review


Over the years, I’ve been through lots of sunglasses. Sometimes they get lost somewhere, other times they become the victim of an utimely “death by squashing”, while other times the kids get ahold of them and scratch them to bits.  Luckily, some of the better sunglasses make it through the daily grind relatively unscathed.

The bottom line with sunglasses is you want a nice pair that’s functional for all your intended activities (cycling, hiking, driving a car, boating, etc.), looks good and doesn’t cost too much (see above).  Ryders Eyewear out of Vancouver, B.C., is built on that philosophy. Their sunglasses are built to function well, look good and not break the bank.  I’ve had a chance to flog the Ryders Sonnet sunglasses for a few weeks now. Lets see how they’ve fared in the daily grind.

Ryders Sonnet Sunglasses Review

About the Ryders Sonnet Sunglasses

A part of the Chill Collection, the Sonnet isn’t really aimed at athletic pursuits. However, they are functional enough to handle sweaty endeavors with their anti-slip nose and temple pads to keep things snug. The medium-sized Sonnet features a vented polycarbonate lens (to keep things fog-free) with 100% UV protection (of course).

Available in several colors and lens combinations, the Sonnet looks stylish on and off the trail. Here are a few more features.

  • Lens: Optically-correct, shatterproof polycarbonate (15-34% VLT depending on style)
  • Filter: Blocks 100% UV light
  • Colors: Black, Tortoise, Raisin, Ivory Stripe (tested)
  • MSRP: $39.99

Ryders Sonnet Sunglasses Review

Though I knew these were more chillin’ glasses instead of hard-core athletic sunglasses, the rubber nose and temple pieces gave me confidence that I wouldn’t be constantly re-adjusting the glasses on the trail. As it turns out, they have stuck to my noggin really well.

A hot trail ride yielded some great findings on these glasses. The anti-slip nose and temple pads work extremely well. Not once did I find these glasses slipping. I also found the vented lens to be an awesome feature. I get pretty sweaty on bike rides and many glasses get fogged up when I stop or on long climbs where my speed is relatively slow. The side vents on the Sonnet provide much-needed airflow to eliminate lens fogging.

The overall design covers my face well and provides unobstructed vision in all directions.  With the large lenses, I didn’t find the frames to be obtrusive. The light weight of the glasses also kept things comfortable on long rides.

Good Sonnet

  • Lightweight
  • Venting lens design
  • Versatile enough for street or trail wear
  • Anti-slip nose and temple grippies
  • Good value

Bad Sonnet

  • Hard to find an online retail outlet

Ryders Sonnet Sunglasses Review

The Bottom Line on the Ryders Sonnet Sunglasses

For the money, the Sonnet provides great looks and excellent function. Though made for chillin’, these are versatile enough for trail abuse. The side vents keep things fog-free and they are light enough for all-day use.

Buy Now: Find a Local Dealer at RydersEyewear.com

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