Candide Kamera: Candide Thovex is a Big Mountain Ripper


It started with a simple instant message… check out this video. A little distraction never hurt.  He didn’t introduce it, just said, “Take the 5 minutes to watch this.”  Simple as that.  A quick click and I was mesmerized… dumbfounded… no, completely blown away at the quality of the cinematography  and skiing.

As many of you are aware, has done their fair share of ski and bike film premieres over the years. We were the exclusive promoter of TGR’s ski films for nearly 10 years and have worked with The Collective for all three of their film premieres in the Salt Lake City area.  So, that said… I’ve seen a lot of ski and bike films and this short video from Candide Thovex is simply amazing. I can’t get enough.

Apparently, this is the first footage Candide has filmed since breaking his back in 2007. Candide has been one of the most prolific pipe and park skiers of our day and really the only one to truly challenge Tanner Hall for a time. I was unaware of his back injury, but it looks like he’s back at it and ripping harder than I’ve ever seen him rip. And… this is not in the park or pipe… he’s flowing some big mountain lines with the best of them and making it look effortless.

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  1. Flat out wow! The man is full blow nuts before or after a broken back . he’s not even landing on steeps

    I hope he retires after this film

  2. stellar, more than stellar. I’m such an American – I expected the globe at the intro to turn to North America (Utah to be specific).

    Love it, even after 10 times watching

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