As if Garmont wasn’t already pushing the limits of A/T boots with the Shaman no-nonsense sidecountry boot and their super-burly Endorphin freeride A/T boot, they are introducing the midseason release of the Garmont Axon. The Axon is the burliest and most functional Dynafit-compatible freeride A/T boot on the market. This thing looks solid and no doubt will perform with the burliest A/T boots on the market.

2008 Garmont Axon Dynafit A/T Ski Boots

We are anxious to bring you a review of the new Endorphin, but the Axon looks to be the one to beat as far as flexibility and burliness. With a hikable mountaineering sole combined with Dynafit, UNI and DIN-compatibility, this boot does it all.

The only drawback is the price… at $849, this will be the most expensive ski boot you’ll ever buy. But, with the custom-fit liner and binding options du jour, the Garmont Axon looks to be the backcountry boot to beat.

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Here’s the word from Garmont USA:
November 1, 2007 – Williston, VT – Garmont introduces the innovative Axon, available in select stores this fall. The Axon combines the most aggressive alpine freeride performance with the easy touring of the Dynafit® binding system. It is the stiffest, highest-performance Dynafit®-compatible boot on the market, enjoying the light weight, easy touring, and rock-solid turning performance of this clean, ultra light binding system.

Evolved from the benchmark Adrenalin and Endorphin, the Axon has a Garmont Ski Mountaineering sole, molded-in Dynafit® binding fittings, high-performance anatomical lower shell, and close-fitting double-injected cuff for quick, precise turns with maximum leverage. The Axon’s new G-Fit liner is the most refined thermoformable liner on the market, using different thicknesses and densities of foam in key areas for the best comfort and function. Its new separately sewn sole design sits flatter inside the boot shell to get the most width and comfort out of the shell without increasing the volume.

The Axon is as responsive as the best alpine boots, powerful to arc the biggest skis, and as mobile as the best ski mountaineering boots. The Axon hits the mark with the growing popularity of big skis mounted with Dynafits by serious big-mountain backcountry skiers.

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  1. The Axon is built on a more downhill-friendly chassis. It doesn’t walk quite as well as the Radium/Argon, but it’s still a great touring boot. I use the Endorphin (very similar to the Axon, but with a different liner) for my daily boot and love it. The Radium/Argon is more of a mountaineering boot that’s got the best walkability around and still provides a reasonably-stiff boot/ski connection.

    Kendall has now skied both the Radium and Axon, so he’ll likely chime in to give more color to this.

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